If You Had A Thousand Pounds...


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This topic came up in the Discord earlier, but I thought it'd be a fun thing to discuss on the forums proper. In short, if you were given £1,000, which you could spend in any manner you liked and was entirely above board, what would you spend it on?

I'd probably save/invest that money, because I am a boring adult, but if forced to do something fun, I'd probably blow it on a full VR system, or buy nice furniture... or just blow the lot on figmas and nendoroids. :D

As a follow-up question: What would you do with £10,000, in the same situation? I'd... probably also invest that! But I might also use it as a deposit for a flat or a house. There's a lot you can do with ten grand!


if I was given £1000 I'd be ordering myself the Japanese version of Overlord, and Saga of Tanya the Evil. I'll save the rest.

If I was given £10,000 I'd do the same from above, and order all the US anime sets I've been holding out on (prob a few hundred £ at max), and then save the rest incase I need it.


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Is a grand enough for an OLED tv yet? Because I'd very much like an OLED tv, or I'd really like one of those crazy expensive ultrawide screen monitors (you can get 1080p ones for around £300, but a 144op one is abou a grand).

10k? I'd probably quit my job and go traveling a bit as I've not seen anywhere near enough of the world ;_; I'd go myself too, I don't think I'd have any issues traveling alone for as long as I could on that money and I'd deal with the mess of not having a job to comeback to when I return. Tbh I have a reasonable amount of savings that I could probably do this at this point and man have I been tempted.
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I am a very responsible person.

With 1k, I'd probably save it towards the same goal as the 10k.

10k would buy me a really nice holiday in Japan with some spending money, so I'd do that.



Za Warudo
£1000 - throw it in my mortgage deposit pot

£10000 - throw £9000 of it in my mortgage deposit pot and use the other £1000 to buy anime, films, games and stuff as they release.

My mortgage deposit ain't gonna save itself!


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£1000- put £700/£800 in my savings and spend the rest at MCM at the end of the month

£10000- put £9000 towards moving out or paying off my Student debt, spunk the remaining £1000 on a load of Blus.

Might potentially save for a holiday as well, not sure where though.


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£1,000 isn't really a whole lot. Could buy an OK spec 4k TV I guess.

I burn through a few hundred each month buying just a few relatively inexpensive anime titles so a grand wouldn't go terribly far in the grand scheme of things.

Rena Ryuugu

At £1000, I will save half and spend the rest on games, anime and figures

At £10,000 I will save half, and spend the rest going on holiday to Japan and buying awesome stuff.


£1000 - I'd buy 500 lucky dip lottery tickets.
£10,000 - I'd take just me and my daughter to Disney World, Florida.


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Apparently I spent ~£2000 in January and all I have to show for it are vidya games, blu-rays, manga and such, so I guess if I had £1000 it'd be more of the same.
If I had £10000, I'd probably use it to buy a PS4 VR, a Nintendo Switch, buy all the Discotek Lupin III releases and some Sentai CEs.


Za Warudo
Apparently I spent ~£2000 in January and all I have to show for it are vidya games, blu-rays, manga and such, so I guess if I had £1000 it'd be more of the same.
Good grief, that's probably more than I spent on those things through the entire year last year lol y'all clearly have too much money, on the other hand maybe I don't have enough. :p
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Blow it on a trip somewhere interesting I've never been and isn't too expensive, probably Central or South America. I'm not very good with money but I am good at travelling on the cheap.

With £10000 I'd buy a house somewhere really cheap like Bulgaria and move there because screw it, once you've got a roof over your head bought and paid for that's half of your monthly outgoings taken care of. And if I couldn't find freelance work from home I'd grow vegetables to live off or something.


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If I was given £1,000 on a probably buy a few sentai CE and save some of it.
If I was given £10,000 I would get a 4K TV, a gaming pc and I'll probably go to Sweden.


£1000 - i would most likely use this to finish up my Gaming PC, make into a streaming machine with a G-sync monitor. With anything left put it into our cash savings for days out, meals and short trips, etc

£10000 - I would save about 85% of it, so the remaining 1.5k i'd use to get myself a long awaited holiday, spend it towards improving our room/storage space and emergency expenditures. Sensible stuff.


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£1,000 - I'd blow on a nice electric guitar and finally replacing my dead tablet (I want to upgrade that so much ;_; ) Rest would go into savings.

£10,000 - The above plus put enough aside for all the light novels I want for the rest of the year. After that I'd probably just save it, I wouldn't want to spend all of it at once anyway so I'd rather have it for an emergency or an especially nice trip/thing I wanted. :D


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£1,000 - Invest in some boring adult stuff I need (new shoes, furniture etc).
£10,000 - Deposit for a flat, or put some of it down for a nice holiday because damn it, I need one.


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1000 = Probably would bought several things that i normally consider too expensive (anime,game and film related) to get and in addition to those i would get one of those "surfboard thingies that you use kinda like a upstand canoo" (don't know the English word for those)

10k = i would finally start traveling. I really want to climb up mountains so i would invest on camping gear and go visit Norway. I would of course want to travel around Japan too.


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