idea for a little manga


I'm a boy....
Can't ya tell by the 'moves' I put on Minx and the other ladies? (That doesn't help if you're a lesbian, but I'm sure I a boy.... ;) )
Well, there's not much else to say, JAKEMAN, these are excellent :D

If you want to include me, i'm male (although it's perhaps debatable). Feel free to make my character severly flawed, I certainly deserve it. My appearance, I fear, tends slightly towards that of my avatar, with a bit of Gendo Ikari in the mix somwhere, perhaps in that I wear glasses (although they get smaller every day, it seems) and I'm adverse to shaving sometimes.

Yes, I know I've scared you all. Just pray that you've never seen the real me.


Om a guy as well, well most of the time LOL, where am I, my character aint invisible or anything is he JAKEMAN. JK, id like to be included. I mean my arch nemasis needs some compation dont he


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Heres some oil paintings I did a few years ago. Nothing to do with this thread, I just thought I'd share :lol: