idea for a little manga


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The woman is a Korean actress, I did it last year when I was bored. The one of Ginza is a view from outside the Mitsukoshi in Ginza that I did 2 or 3 years ago.
I used to use oil paints a lot, but I prefer watercolour. I've got a few more somewhere- I'll have a look later. I've also got a few drawings that I did the other week when I went on a jaunt to Seoul. I got REALLY drunk with my friend, drinking Chamisul and Jinro, and started drawing some awfull pictures of movies and stuff on the back of menus. Looking at them now they're not as funny as they were when I was blind-drunk but they're SO crap and stupid :p I'll put them up at the weekend.


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Shades said:
Om a guy as well, well most of the time LOL, where am I, my character aint invisible or anything is he JAKEMAN. JK, id like to be included. I mean my arch nemasis needs some compation dont he

your spelling sucks, ha ha ha :twisted:
Chris said:
Here's the pic's I did while drunk in Korea the other week. Please, do not judge me by these- I think you'll agree that they're the work of a drunken fool. I'm still looking for some more oil-paintings that I did.

Your oil paintings are lovely. I won't dismiss you as a drunken fool unitl I've learned to read Japanese, but the second one makes be laugh without understanding anything said. 8) The last one is a nice accurate portrayal of the Saiyuki legend, far better than that of the anime of the same name.