I could swear I already had an account here..

i was hoping for this

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welcome to the madhouse, long as u don't like the sequels to negima and kiddy grade we'll get along fine ;) *hides from ilmae*
I remember a program on the making of that commercial.
For Negima it is the manga rather than the anime I am interested, and I never got further than a few episodes into Negima!?
I have to reserve judgement on Kiddy GiRL-and due to lack of impartiality. I was rather disappointed however.
ilmaestro said:
chaos said:
where is the epicness?!?!?
It's like that scene from American Beauty with the plastic bag.
Plastic bag? Sorry, I remember very little of American Beauty, Perhaps it's time I watch it again.

Zin5ki said:
You have no tolerance for nostalgia, chaos.
I do, it's only that I don't feel nostalgic chasing after squirrels. Remember that they are a novelty for me in a way... First time I've chased a squirrel I should have been 30 yo already.
Greetings Shiroi! Now that you do have an account here with us. I hope to see you around the forum. I'll be the one that looks like Spike.