Have you ever...?


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I looked at my legs just now, and they're the first and last legs I'll ever have, so yes.

Have you ever looked up the FB/LJ/etc of an ex partner, hoping to see that they were miserable?


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Can't say I have.

Kyon said:
No, it's illegal.
Why do I get the feeling a lot of my posts in this thread are going to elicit that exact response?

Ah, I'm sure they were fine. They were most likely half-wild and always trying to tunnel out anyway, so it was really more a case of allowing the rabbits to exercise their freedom of choice.

Have you ever visited another continent? I'm thinking this thread could start to get pretty dull without context (and if 90% of the answers are just variations of "no") so if so, where and what did you think of it? If not, where would you like to go and why?


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Yes, I used to live in Canada. I really liked living there and hope to at least visit it again soon. When I was younger I wanted to visit every country, until I realised how many there were.....but if like to at least do every continent.

Have you ever....stood up for/saved a total stranger before?


Closest thing to that would be I waited for a reply to threads, and I wasn't stuck on the same page for hours. :p

HYE walked out of a movie?


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No, tempted various times, but never walked out. I'm a bit of a donkey about this: I try to finish all movies/series I start, never sold any CD/DVD/BD I bought and disliked...

HYE cosplayed as Darth Vader?



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Yup, my speciality shot seems to be to smack the cue ball off the table and hit the other player in the crotch.

Have you ever scored 100% in an exam at school, college or university? (or any other academic institution I've missed)


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Actually yes. I had to take an assessment exam for an HE college, last year, and was called the next day and offered a place. When I went down, they told me I had scored 100% in both my math and English exams, which was apparently a first for them.

Have you ever one day wondered why you were so into something, and then decided to stop? As in, lose interest in something you used to be into, very suddenly?


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Yes. But I usually gain interest in it again anywhere between a few days and several years later. That's why my flat is so crammed full of stuff, because I know I'll regret getting rid of anything if I get back into it.

Have you ever spent time running through end of the world / civilisation scenarios to determine what you would do in the case of say, nuclear war or a massive stock market crash?