Have you ever...?


Dandy Guy, in Space
This thread was originally on the gently cooling corpse of the NEO forum, so thought I'd bring it across. I wasn't sure whether to put it here or in ever enduring forum games though.

Basically what happens is a person asked a question that begins with the phrase "Have you ever" (or HYE), and the next person to post answers the question and poses one of their own. the thread led to some interesting and humorous responses, and also sparked some spirited discussion. one example in particular: two participants ended up discussing to possibility of earth being an iron cube in a parallel universe.

ok, to start with:

HYE taken part in a similar thread before?
Yes. You stole my thread! Naughty Spoony! Grr!

HYE... had your thread stolen off you by the evil mage of all spoons?
Not really - Not many people want to borrow my stuff to have them returned poorly conditioned. XD

HYE been in a high-risk accident with a bike/po-go stick/skateboard or even jumping on/off things?
No sadly though one of my friends is the spitting image of Russell Tovey.

Have you ever mixed and then drank a pint of vodka, whiskey, gin, tequila and sunboka for a dare? (This was during my college years, stupid I know)
No, shoveled coal into one though.

Have you ever considered disappearing / faking your own death in order to begin life again in a new place with a new identity?
Nope, but I did threaten to give myself up for adoption once as a kid when my parents wouldn't stop arguing.

You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?