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Netflix are certainly bringing in the animation. Last week saw the release of Bojack Horseman season 5 and The Dragon Prince, this week saw the release of Hilda (which some of the animation community were hyping up). Big Mouth season 2 shows up on October 5th and season 2 of Castlevania on October 26th.......well at least this should wash away the absolute garbage that was Paradise PD
So given the fact the UK gets shafted when it comes to DVD/BD releases of animated shows (with a few exceptions) I noticed Madman Entertainment are releasing quite a number of popular cartoons on DVD/BD (and in some cases Austrailia gets a BD release wheras the US does not), so I'd thought I'd list some. Think of it as a buying guide for any animation fans here. And with Christmas coming up, this might make a good gift guide as well (if we can do one for anime, why not western animation, also I'm posting the Madman listing but they are on

Adventure Time Season 1 - 8 Boxset (Blu-Ray) - Blu-ray It's pretty pricy but you get the first 8 seasons of AT (and they are available separately as well)
Adventure Time - The Complete Ninth Season (Blu-Ray) - Blu-ray season 9 of AT
Steven Universe Seasons 1-4 (Blu-Ray) - Blu-ray again, pretty pricy but the first 4 seasons are available separately. I should point out the AUS sets don't have any extras but you do get the original pilot in the S1 set (and also the recent US release of Season 1 which has extras is DVD only for some reason which hasn't made the infamously rabid SU fanbase happy)
We Bare Bears Seasons 1- 3 - DVD Nice to see this finally get a proper release, even if DVD only.......also Ice Bear is best bear!
Over the Garden Wall (Blu-Ray) - Blu-ray one of the best CN productions ever, also it's DVD only in the US
Powerpuff Girls Classic 20th Anniversary Edition (Limited Edition) - DVD all of the original series (not the widely hated reboot), only just found out about this
Search results for 'regular show' all 8 seasons of Regular Show, plus the movie, DVD only though but CN stopped releasing the show on BD I think after season 3 so it's better than nothing okay for some reason this ain't on the Madman site, but Amazon has it, contains the entire Samurai Jack series (both CN and Adult Swim eras of the show)
Gravity Falls: Complete Series (REGION A Blu-ray New) 826663188837 | eBay thought I'd post this since A: Gravity Falls is awesome and B: if this does well it might encourage more Disney shows (Star Vs The Forces Of Evil, Wander Over Yonder, Ducktales reboot, etc) to get DVD/BD releases (you can find the DVD version as well if you can't play region A only BDs)
Kind of annoying that the US get Adventure Time Seasons 8-10 in one set whilst the Aus Blu Rays separate them. Ah well since I prefer HD I’ll get them eventually.
I just couldn't get into "Adventure Time" :confused:. I enjoyed "Regular Show" enough as a nod to 80's kitch (and you don't often see a cartoon featuring a blue jay and a racoon as the mains), but my fave cartoon in recent times has probably been "The Amazing World of Gumball" - I find it really original and cleverly written, and personally, I do really like the animation. It's completely off the wall weird and it can get a little over the top on occasions, but it's had me in genuine stitches many times, and that feeling of "I wish I'd have come up with that gag!". It looks retro, yet new at the same time, and it melds different styles together in a way that (for me), just works. I really love the character design in it as well. It's probably not for everyone, but I really enjoyed it!

I don't watch much TV these days, so I'm not watching as much cartoon material as I used to, but in recent times when I've been laid off work or had periods of unemployment, they've definitely served to bring me out of a well ingrained funk ! Animation is a medium I've always enjoyed (and nearly ended up studying at uni) - I've grown up watching cartoons. 🙂

Samurai Jack is defo one of the best cartoons ever imo - a real work of art from Gendy Tartakovsky (not sure I've spelled it right). Though oddly, I've no interest in seeing the new series. Pokemon will always remain a firm favourite from when I was younger, and then of course there's classics like Loony Tunes and Tom and Jerry - those never get old! 😃 😄


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Wow, no subtle woman-hating agenda underpinning that article whatsoever. Is this CartoonsGate or something? I've lost track of all of the different campaigns.

The one part that didn't have me facepalming was the talk about how releasing episodes in clusters is a successful strategy; given Netflix's approach I thought that was widely planned but it's interesting to see it discussed (even in the context of a crazed diatribe).

I don't like any of the shows mentioned in the article but overall I feel as though western animation has become more interesting in recent years. I loved the new Voltron (despite never watching the old one or Golion) and the Dragon Prince is ok despite the floaty visuals. And I'm still hoping to actually see season two of Miraculous one day.

Wow, no subtle woman-hating agenda underpinning that article whatsoever. Is this CartoonsGate or something? I've lost track of all of the different campaigns.
I hope not, I mean we've had GamerGate (which accomplished nothing, regardless of which side you were on) and currently ComicsGate, we don't need a CartoonsGate.......that probably explains why the Beach City Reddit refused to link to the article (don't know much about Bounding Into Comics though, are they that bad of a site)
I'm off to a local movie theater tonight with some friends to see the RWBY Volume 6 Premier up on the big screen. They'll be showing the last 3 Chapters of Volume 5 and the new Chapter 1 of Volume 6, two days earlier than the Roosterteeth site will show the new episode for their First Members. I'm looking forward to anther great Season of RWBY!
Sounds like it is just going to be some inane comedy series like Futurama, most likely with crude humor, rather than a serious Star Trek series like the original animation. If that's the case, no thanks. I won't be able to watch it anyway, as I have no television connection in my home, by choice.
RWBY Volume 6 has been fantastic these first 3 episodes - Chapter 3 was just incredible, with most of the major questions about the series all being revealed in this one episode, and the story was all laid out perfectly. I can't wait to watch all the reaction videos on YouTube for this episode!