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Dragon Knight
On a totally unrelated, in no way whatsoever snide retort to the above, RadFeminist's post got lost amidst Code Geass and..... male 'bonding' over obnoxious cinema goers. Time to reply, aha... ha.

Nana briefly made meeee feel in tune with my more feminine side. Two women from differing backgrounds, with polar opposite personalities bond and become bffs amidst romantic woes, supporting each other, is nice. Rarely do you see such open familiarity between the same gender without family/same sex relations, so twas quite touching~
Alas, I only read 4 or so volumes, and if memory serves the author-ess either became ill/ded, leaving the series incomplete. That said, the anime is around 50eps and is regarded as one of the greatest shoujo/Josei. Might get the blu-ray set next year.

As it happens, MadhouseOG did Paradise Kiss as well as Nana. I strongly recommend the former, if you have yet to see it and are a ladyperson.

No worries Magicallou, thanks for your input :) I wasn't completely happy with the anime of Paradise Kiss but I thought it was interesting and I liked the music and fashion :)


No worries Magicallou, thanks for your input :) I wasn't completely happy with the anime of Paradise Kiss but I thought it was interesting and I liked the music and fashion :)

Magic-allou? Is this some kind of English-French incantation/greeting? Non, non: 'tis Magilou, not Maggie-lou! My friends call me Lou. I will allow this.

To steer this thread away from convincing robot anime and cinema heroics, what would you say are your favourite series of the female persuasion? I have watched some shoujo/josei, 'tis true, but outside the classics such as Kare Kano and Fruits Basket, I am unlearned. That said, I have read many a manga: Please Save My Earth, Mars, Kodocha, Lovely Complex, etc. In the case of Paradise Kiss, 'twas the Madhouse budget that attracted me. That and George being a dick.

Girls with Guns

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Magical-Lou, lol... My ultimate shoujo anime is Hanasakeru Seishonen, a 2009 series just released a year ago on Blu-ray by Discotek Media, which was how I discovered the series. 39 episodes of amazing mystery, adventure, and romance, with a well-laid-out, twisting plot. It's setup seemingly as just another reverse harem, but very quickly goes so far beyond that. It's a story of corporate conglomerates, powerful families and royalty, and international political intrigue. The Black Lagoon of Shoujo, heheh. Once I watched the series, it immediately moved into my #2 anime of all time, right between Violet Evergarden and Ancient Magus' Bride.

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I don't finish things if I'm not enjoying them :) I used to be more of a killjoy about other people's tastes then realized that I didn't really wanna be like that and now I'm pretty chill and accepting of what other people like (a few things raise an eyebrow for their particularly iffy politics/misogyny etc. but I still do understand that liking things like that doesn't mean someone is necessarily an asshole or a threat to women). My step-parent was really negative about anime and kept saying everything except Ghibli films was, well, basically, pedo ****. It really hurt to hear that kind of stuff about my hobby (one of the only things giving me a respite from my depression and providing intellectual and emotional stimulation at the time tbh - I didn't have any friends and my education had suffered due to various factors), and I think that's part of why I got so defensive and bitter about things. I'm glad I'm still an anime fan now even if it no doubt makes some people look down on me. I just want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves and have a good time tbh :) Also, to bring things full circle a lil bit, what are current posters here's opinions of Nana? I would like to watch it but still kinda making my mind up :) I love Wish the second opening theme I got totally hooked on that for a while :)

First of all I salute you for the wonderful transformation you have made and makes all the change in the world, that is of transforming to a chill person who accepts other people likes from being a little bit of a killjoy. I myself was like that for a while (killjoy) and it was emotionally painful to the the transformation so I know how much can it cost one to do it. By reading your comment I gather you have a step-parent which statistically suggest you've had a rough time at home when growing up (reality can divert greatly from these statistics of course) which makes it even more a big of an accomplishment you becoming a chill accepting person. I currently don't have any friends, only my partner but I'm getting better so in mid to long term I plan to start growing my social circle, I'm assuming in this area your are doing better as you said "I didn't have any friends", past tense that is. Regarding education, depending where you are and where you want to be I'd say that theses days with technology and the internet, there are all these online free resources it makes it a lot easier to learn a new skill or further develop an old one. These days I see my nephew whenever he's stuck with his algebra homework he would open up from her phone this math app and get help instantly. Couple of weeks ago I upgraded the fans to my PC and added a layer of thermal paste to my CPU, what did I know about PC maintenance? Nothing really, but I did it by watching several tutorial videos on youtube. But again it depends in where you are and what you want, I just thought to mention this just in case.

Regarding Nana....... oh mannn Nana, I'd simply say yep, do yourself and favor and go ahead and watch it.... hmmm although for all I know during these months you already watched it.... well if you did good for you, if not, then it's highly recommended! ;)
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Nana briefly made meeee feel in tune with my more feminine side. Two women from differing backgrounds, with polar opposite personalities bond and become bffs amidst romantic woes, supporting each other, is nice.

Woah, I found someone who worded perfectly in a brief version what Nana made me feel...... just wow, one of those moments were you read something and think "this express perfectly what I feel yet I couldn't see it worded so simple like this". 👍


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Being someone who doesn't know anyone that enjoys Anime, I was shocked that a fan came into my work today.

Bad news, she is 12.
Asked her what she watching, she replies Special A.
Never heard of it.

Amusingly, I really struggled to give her a recommendation that wouldn't have he parents running out with her.
Najica Blitz Tactics?
Strike Witches?

Not even sure if I should mention Girls und Panzer or Bodacious Space Pirates.


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I looked into Special A, it's basically a romance quite similar to Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, but with more tamer jokes.
If I were to recommend anime to a 12 year old girl I'd suggest the following:
Hakumei to Mikochi
Aria the Animation
Flying Witch
Non Non Biyori
Kiniro Mosaic
Hidamari Sketch
Yuru Camp
Kemono Friends
Mitsuboshi Colors
Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

Eternal chibi

Dandy Guy, in Space
I had this same conundrum but with a 10 year old boy and all I could come up with was dragonball and even parts of that would not make it to air on a children's slot these days.


Cardcaptor Sakura (and Clear Card)
Snow White With The Red Hair
Most Ghibli movies
Yu-Gi-Oh (and all sequels)
Cardfight Vanguard
Little Witch Academia
Sailor Moon
Marvel Future Avengers

I think all of those would be suitable for 10-12 year olds.


Also K-on! And Love Live for a more musical feel.

Had a look at my shelf and even Little Busters is a 12. It's a bit sad but it is excellent.
I know there is inflation and all that, and there is a perceived difference between part sets and complete seasons for distros, but I just realised that the Season 2 Part sets of Fruits Baskets were RRP'ed at £29.99 each, while the Season 3 Standard Blu-ray has an RRP of £49.99. Funimation to Crunchroll... extracting the urine.

EDIT: And the Funi releases had slipcovers!