Funiroll Crumbles: Crunchyroll and Funimation End Partnership After Two Years


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Finally got round to working out what I've lost from my Crunchyroll list:
Drifters, SHIMONETA, Yu Yu Hakusho, Prince of Stride and Welcome to the NHK (I sort of knew these were going as they were on my FUNi queue and I had added them to Crunchyroll when I was leaving which was just before the news). NHK has videos that are subscribers only on FUNi.
Also with subs only videos is Hyouka.
Seiyu's Life, 3 Leaves 3 Colors and Jormungand are all free.
Nichijou is on FUNi, but there's only one video for some reason!
Gone completely Ping Pong and the Haruhi-chan spinoff.
I believe they’re still in the process of adding titles, you can check for full list on their blog


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I wonder how can this affect physical releases.

Those AB coded CR+Funi will probably end... I can see it getting even worse.

At this point I want sentai to get everything, they seem my best hope.


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Works for me, and it's way more likely to see MVM and such get the shows from sentai than from funimation..

So that's good.