UK Anime Distributor Funimation UK Discussion Thread

I watched a few episodes of Smartphone on Funi Now a while back. I liked the show, but I've been having a lot of issues with Now, so I'll pick up the BD when the price goes down a bit (I'm not interested enough to pay the £37 it's currently at on Amazon).
AOT/MHA are trash, so I agree.

Also, WOW. As a non-Brit looking in, it looks like Sony is doing a bad job there. DVD included in a double sized case? Utter nonsense. Even FAILimation doesn't do that.
They gave us DVDs separately originally which was better than FUNI cos we weren't forced to own them. They didnt sell so they followed the US model and also ive had so many US FUNi sets break because so many discs. Yes I would want them to remove DVDs but funi hasn't yet and if the US model works it makes sense why sony followed it. Oh and I bet AoT and MHA outsell most other funi titles so it makes business sense for those to be released first as did the near date parity. What doesnt is the removal of all the CEs the randomly releasing shows months behind america so people would have imported. I do think Sony will fall because of lack of marketing and silly decisions but choosing AoT and MHa to launch with weren't any of them.