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  1. SAHO

    Anime Blu-ray & DVD / Manga & Light Novel - Out of Print「 OOP 」Update Thread

    Use this space to post information regarding titles that are soon to be OOP or already are. Found a listing for a near or already out of print release? You can post the link here. Not limited to UK releases. In summary, this thread represents "Second Chance", allowing anyone to grab a missed...
  2. SAHO

    SAHO's「über」anime /manga sale collection

    --------------------------------------------------- Current progress of items added to the thread: 82 % 🛍️ Items for sale: 🇬🇧 DVD (UK Release) 🇺🇸 Blu-ray (US Release) 🇺🇸 DVD (US Release) 🇦🇺 Blu-ray (AU Release) 🇦🇺 DVD (AU Release) 🇯🇵 Blu-ray (JP Release) 🇯🇵 DVD (JP Release)...
  3. Luckyharm

    A question about Ouran High School Host Club

    okay so i know that this Anime has been about for a while now and it coming close to the 10 year anniversary however only 2 weeks ago i've found this anime and started to watch it and i've got to say that im in love with it i'm only up to episode 10 :D Anyways when doing voice actor...
  4. NormanicGrav

    UK Anime Distributor Funimation UK Discussion Thread (Pre-Manga Merger)

    "You Should Be Watching" Funimation has had a weird history with the United Kingdom and Ireland. They started off with a distribution deal with MVM Entertainment and eventually moved to Revelation Films until finally sticking with Manga Entertainment UK. However as the years go by, Funimation's...