A question about Ouran High School Host Club


okay so i know that this Anime has been about for a while now and it coming close to the 10 year anniversary however only 2 weeks ago i've found this anime and started to watch it and i've got to say that im in love with it i'm only up to episode 10 :D

Anyways when doing voice actor research i've noticed the there was a live action movie of the Ouran High School Host Club and i just want to know has there been a english dub release if so where can i find it ?

plus was there live action episodes as well as movies ?


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AUKN Staff
There was both a live action TV adaption and a live action movie, but sadly neither have been released outside of Japan. It's not uncommon for live action TV adaptions to never make it outside of Japan, which is a shame. Things are a little better when it comes to movies, but like I say that isn't something that happened for Ouran. :(


Hey Thanks For Getting Back to my Post Aww :( that is a Huge Shame that live Action never got released outside of Japan it would of been amazing to watch Guess i have to stick to watching the Anime:)