Overseas FUNimation Limited Edition, Anime Classics and S.A.V.E. lines

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    A bit later than usual, but today i've added the announced March 2017 releases to the Google docs;

    Attack on Titan: Junior High: The Complete Series
    (Limited Edition)
    Appleseed XIII: The Complete Series (S.A.V.E.)
    Ben-To: Complete Series (S.A.V.E.)
    BlazBlue: Alter Memory: The Complete Series (S.A.V.E.)
    Inari Kon Kon: The Complete Series (S.A.V.E.)
    Wanna Be The Strongest In The World!: The Complete Series (S.A.V.E.)

    Also adjusted the Limited Edition entry for Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar to include the upcoming regular complete series release.
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    Attack on Titan Junior high must have sold horribly if its already part of the SAVE line.
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    It's not part of the SAVE line. This is it's first release.
  5. Stiivun

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    And being released in a Limited Edition too, guess FUNimation has some trust this will sell well enough ;)
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    ah I stand corrected. I thought it had already been released in the US.
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    Limited Edition time only in April and May

    My Hero Academia: Season One (Limited Edition)
    Dimension W: The Complete Series (Limited Edition)
    Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: Complete Series (Limited Edition)
    Gangsta.: The Complete Series (Limited Edition)
    Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash: Complete Series (Limited Edition)

    Link to the Google Spreadsheet
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    Added the meager June releases for FUNimation 'special' releases.

    Outlaw Star: Complete Series (Limited Edition)
    Ping Pong the Animation: Complete Series (S.A.V.E.)

    Link to the Google Spreadsheet
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    Added the only July 'special' FUNimation to the spreadsheet.

    And you thought there is never a girl online?: Complete Series (Limited Edition)

    Link to the Google Spreadsheet
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    Well it took some time, but in October FUNimation is bringing out some more 'special' releases.

    So for October no less than four Limited Editions are announced. (Might added Fruits Basket 'Sweet Sixteen Anniversary Edition' later if this is actually a chipboard release).

    ReLIFE: The Complete Series (Limited Edition)
    Orange: The Complete Series (Limited Edition)
    SERVAMP: Season One (Limited Edition)
    The Testament of Sister New Devil: Season One (Limited Edition)

    Link to the Google Spreadsheet
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