For Criticism, ???? and Profit.

I could swear I've replied to the PM saying which one I liked the most...
Anyway, I've liked the middle one the most and wanted to see the final version of it.

Many thanks!
Sorry, my bad - I did get that, forgot to send you an acknowledgement. I think I liked the middle one best as well actually, I'll get on it as soon as. :)
No problem, I'm trying to work up to taking full commissions, so it's good practice :).

Incidentally, if anyone else would like an avatar, I could take one more in the meantime.
Well if you're taking requests I'd love to see what you can do with Gally from GUNNM in your amazing style~

Unless someone has already contacted you, that is.
Just had a look through the thread, some cool stuff here!

If you were somehow finding yourself over-flowing with free time and could do an extra avatar, I would be interested in one of Juri from Super Street Fighter IV. ^^;

Professor Irony said:
Moar, this time a character from my own planned series, which is hopefully going to be a throwback to the psycheadelic action series of the 1960s.
Any more info on this? Sounds potentially sick.
Yeah, think I should be able to handle both of those all right. It might take a little while though, so I won't take any more in the meantime. I've actually quite fancied having a go at drawing Gally for a while now - there was an awesome painting of a character that looked a lot like her in the Imagine FX a couple of months ago.

ilmaestro said:
Any more info on this? Sounds potentially sick.

I can't promise it'll be done any time soon, but the plan was to do a short series of about six chapters, the story in each one being loosely based on a different film or tv series from that time. It's set in a skewed version of the early 1990s - the idea being that it's 'the future' as they saw it in 1967.

Unfortunately, ITV showing the remake of The Prisoner at the moment has rather winded me as the first full chapter is a pastiche of the original version. :roll:
I saw that daft music video for Peace Walker a few days ago and I've had the song stuck in my head ever since then. This piece (peace?) of nonsense was the result. The things I do with my life.
Finally got back to working on character designs for the light novel type thing one of my friends is writing.

I'm happy with how this is going so far, but eh... I suspect this is what it would be like if the beeb got Jeff Bridges to be the next Doctor Who.
I'm calling this finished before it eats up any more of my time. I've had some interest from another board in how the colours were done, so I should be doing a tutorial soon if anyone's interested.
Painted up the earlier sketch. Still has a few things to fix, but I'm quite happy with how this is going. Unfortunately, the only guidance I had on his tie was "make it something silly". I seem to have Peace Walker on the brain. :roll:
Just caught up with this thread. Great work you have here, interesting to see your progress too.
You seemed to have mastered painting hair, it looks very good.
I wait for your next sketch and am willing to help.