For Criticism, ???? and Profit.

Had to rush this one through a bit as it was for my college game design project (not as grand as it sounds). Took about two hours to get it this far, had I more time I would probably have done a bit more work on the coat and made the outline of the backdrop a bit sharper. Other than that I'm quite happy with it.
Some more stuff I've been tinkering with. The painted one is still some ways off being finished, I need to redraw the girl's mouth and I was thinking about inking the original sketch and dropping that in as a new layer to bring out the outline a bit more. The other is my second (or possibly third) attempt at Cobra. The fingers need a bit of work, but I'm pretty happy with it thus far.
A rough for one of a series of character designs I'm working on for a friend's project. He looks a bit overly like John Locke from Lost for my liking, but I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out. Also I've finally sold out to the digital painting hegemony and bought a tablet. Boo hiss.
He does look a little Divine but your art is getting better and better. I like the understated colour version.

Professor Irony said:
he looks entirely too Christ-like...
I always thought that was intentional. As in, intentional on the part of the film rather than your drawing...

Good stuff though. Your pictures are like very subtle caricatures.
Thanks guys, I should have some more stuff up soon. Ideally I'm trying to work towards having a distinct, recognisable style throughout everything I draw, but at the moment I worry there's a bit of a gulf between things I've used a reference photo for and things I've built from scratch.
Moar, this time a character from my own planned series, which is hopefully going to be a throwback to the psycheadelic action series of the 1960s. Still need to do a little more work on the colours before I stick it on deviantart, but I think this is more or less done. Need to check the proportions of her rifle as well actually, one of my mates suggested it might be a little on the small side.
This is the outline for a poster I'm designing at the moment - was my intention to draw out a little thumbnail then blow it up and trace it at A3. One of my great loves when it comes to illustration was always the old movie posters that kind of told you the story in a single image, so that's what I'm after with this.

The subject matter is exceedingly silly and will probably become quite readily apparent to anyone who watched a lot of tv over the holidays, but in the meantime I'm really looking for any thoughts on the composition of the piece. Each part of it is on a different layer, so I can rearrange it all quite easily at this stage. I'm hoping to stick this in my portfolio for the college if it turns out well, so the more problems I can iron out early on, the better.

Oh and there'll be some jungle type foliage in the top left above the car quite soon.

Edit: First thing to go will be the legs on the figure in the foreground, not only are they wrong, they're also unecessary.
Just caught up on your work and it's pretty cool - points for the drawings of The Dude 8)

The poster intrigues too: perhaps it's just my sick imagination but currently I'm seeing a chainsaw and surgeon in there, to my mind at least that's a good start!
Thank you, I just got a print of the Dude one this morning so I'm feeling quite chuffed with again at the moment. :)

I think my original plan for the poster might seem a little dissapointing now though, everyone who looks at it seems to have a more interesting idea than I did. I even got one particularly creative suggestion in which a priest, a lumberjack and a war vet team up to fight an invasion of mecha whales and seriously, I would watch the hell out of that...