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Professor Irony

Every time I google Double Decker, all I get is either photos of buses or a popular chocolate bar.



I'll draw a guy next time, promise.

... huh? You'll what the who when?
Some people doing this kind of style might move onto doing jojo. I have no idea why, it's not like half the cast are a stick of lippy away from being women or anything.
As someone short of time now and then who wants to become an artist, I do like it 😆
No one's making you draw blokes though, just pick whatever you want

Professor Irony

So one of the art servers had a challenge along the lines of ‘draw any character you want in one of the armour sets from Fire Emblem.
Me: ‘What if the Knight Sabers, but literally


Priss has done particularly well on Twitter. If I somehow get a spare month, I should draw the rest of the Knight Sabers in similar fashion...


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I always appreciate well-drawn hands. I made the painful decision in 2011 to set aside drawing so I could focus on my writing (and doing a Master's degree in my spare time, as it turned out). When I tried some figure-drawing this year to see how badly I'd deteriorated, it was very much a case of, "Ermigerd, how do I drawn hands?!" until I managed to get the old synapses firing again, so your work here is consistently impressive in that regard.

If there's one thing I'd say, it's to be careful of where your light sources are. I'm not sure if you intended the Priss drawing to look like a multi-point lighting setup, but I notice her upper half is lit from above and her legs are lit from the right. I love the idea of Priss as an actual knight, though, and the figure-drawing is great.

Professor Irony

Thanks! I usually use a basic 3D model to roughly position my lighting before I start on the colours, but I can’t remember offhand what the setup was that I used for Priss. I am absolutely guilty of being a bit loosey goosey with these things though, it’s something I need to watch out for.

It’s also slightly sad for me to realise it’s been nearly a complete year since I drew that one of Priss, and I’m still no further forwards with drawing the rest of the Knight Sabers yet...