For Criticism, ???? and Profit.


I'll draw a guy next time, promise.

... huh? You'll what the who when?
Some people doing this kind of style might move onto doing jojo. I have no idea why, it's not like half the cast are a stick of lippy away from being women or anything.
As someone short of time now and then who wants to become an artist, I do like it 😆
No one's making you draw blokes though, just pick whatever you want

Professor Irony

So one of the art servers had a challenge along the lines of ‘draw any character you want in one of the armour sets from Fire Emblem.
Me: ‘What if the Knight Sabers, but literally


Priss has done particularly well on Twitter. If I somehow get a spare month, I should draw the rest of the Knight Sabers in similar fashion...