Final Fantasy XIII, you are my only hope...


Baka Ranger
Note: I personally don't care for Agito [Yu-Gi-Oh] or Versus, I'm only currently fussed on the main title, so that's what I'm going to discuss, hopefully without being as abrasive as usual about the Final Fantasy franchise.

Anyway, let us begin, as I go along with this post I'll mention what I like and don't like so far about the news and rumors surrounding Final Fantasy XIII. I'm pretty hyped for Final Fantasy XIII, I wasn't really all that bothered about it until recently I saw the E3 2008 trailer [Regardless as to whether it's on 360 or PS3] and I was just... blown away, it was great, the story is starting to come together now, so it gripped me. A floating world and the only safe haven for humans as the world below is dangerous? Hell yeah.

Female protagonist? We haven't had one of these since VI, she seems interesting enough, female Cloud? Meant to destroy the world? Sounds... interesting, though I think it'll be more like "Change how the world currently is" in that sense of destroying it, making a big change about it.

No Uematsu doing the score? I am dissapointed, but it was to be expected, he's with Mistwalker now. Music for the trailer is still great though. The director is the director of X-2? If you've played X-2 you should very well know it's a terrible game and just poorly executed in many ways, I'm very worried about this too, can he pull it off without being crappy? I hope so, this is the MAIN Final Fantasy XIII title after all.

But the battle system, yes... this is the most vital thing to a Final Fantasy game, how it plays, as you'll be doing this for most of the game as opposed to looking at the beautifully pixelated boys and girls. So we've had numerous things being said that it will be an improved versious of XII's battle system.... Keep that **** on MMO's, that's all there is to be said, I don't want to play an RPG which has an MMO-like battle system, it's just bad, I understand people don't want turn-based, but that was just a turn for the worst.

The battle system is apparently NOT like Final Fantasy Twelves, at all according to the latest scans of Famitsu covering the Square Enix Event... what can I say? I'm ecstatic this is brilliant news, and it's going back to the ATB system, but it seems you have a certain amount of points to take a move and do different magic attacks, etc. It's also going to be a dynamic battle system so it'll be very much like something you saw on Advent Children. Great, I'd much rather play it than just watch it, now I'm getting a good level of interaction going.

If this Final Fantasy game ends up very much like Twelve... I'm sorry, but that means I'm DONE with the Final Fantasy franchise period, I know it's a little extreme, but god damn I will stick to it, this cannot be all there is for future Final Fantasy games, bring back the world map, Jesus.

So that's my current thoughts so far, anything you want to add feel free to do so. By the way, this is the trailer I can't stop watching:

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It's just great after 13 seconds in.
FXIII looks pretty good and as long as the battle system looks like it's going back to it's routes, now as long as we don't have them ******* random encounters.
Versus's on the other hand looks bland as hell.
A lot of people thought that guy was Cloud. lol. Idiots. Though his name is based off the weather too, so what will he be called... OH SHI-- CLOUD!!!

The enemies will be walking around and you can run into them, etc. Apparently.

Versus, well... Nomura's characters worship a Shinigami designed by Yoshitaka Amano, that's fine by me! But it has Kingdom Hearts style gameplay, which was pretty boring and repetative, really.
Gacha said:
Versus's on the other hand looks bland as hell.

Why are people quite hard on Versus?

I'm actually looking more forward to the 'Yakuza-esque', dark, prince dynasty storyline than the usual bright and norm.

I am interested in FFXIII and I do hope it's a lot better than FFXII (I hope I can sue GAME for persuading me to buy the pile of crap =/)

But I wonder... Is there any news whether the Bonus disc is going to be region-free? I'm willing to fork out over £20 from Japan for just a Demo of FFXIII >.>
Yes, the Final Fantasy disc is going to be region free apparently so you can import, I doubt I will though, I'll just wait for gameplay videos and determine whether it looks good or not... I hope it's shown at TGS.
More news on the FFXIII Demo, which I'm laughing at.

Apparently... The Demo of FFXIII is 2 hours long according to a news on Gamecentral :lol:

Longer than the film, heh?
I can't wait to get my hands on this but it won't be out til way into 2009 :( lets face it when have Square Enix ever made a release date successfully
The idea of being 'finished' with Final Fantasy is a bit preposterous to me. Simply pick and choose what comes along wisely, and play the occasional noteworthy title in amongst the avalanche and you can't go wrong. I very much doubt anyone here is so into Final Fantasy that they buy every game that comes out these days. If this person actually exists, I both pity them for their apparent lack of anything better to play or do, and I envy them for the big mountain of gold they built their platinum mansion upon.


And sit on your hands people, because Final Fantasy XIII won't be out until late 2010 in Europe, and you know it.
Who actually buys DS games? That's what the majority of new DS games have came out on and it's easy to... you know get 'em for free, but regardless of that, when I say I'm "done" with it, it seems Final Fantasy is changing too much for my own liking and I mean the MAIN series itself.

Also, why is Final Fantasy taking so long to come out now? Seriously, VII, VIII and IX had like one year release difference.
I moved from Belfast to London and I didn't unpack it until recently, but I'm away for so long I'm considering playing it from the beginning again....
Saw them a while ago, bro. FF:XIII trailer I was far more interested in but the Versus trailer was better. lol. FF:XIII Versus seems to be the next big DEEP Final Fantasy, like the successor of VII! No wonder, since Nomura is directing.
kupoartist said:
My favourite bit is the part where they show absolutely no gameplay footage.

"Don't think about it too hard though." - William Shakespeare.
Well, we know that XIII Versus is just like Kingdom Hearts [Spam X to win] and XIII is apparently some ATB system. I swear if XIII plays like XII I will rage so bad.
What I didn't like about Versus XIII is the part at the end. It looks like it's going to be a 'Romeo and Juliet' type of thing and it annoys me because it's one of my most favourite Shakespeare plays. And Nomura is going to bastardise that thing like he did with the Disney worlds in KH =/

But it was the better trailer. I'm really peeved off about FFXIII. I WANT TO SEE THE GOD DAMN GAMEPLAY NOW!?