Favourite opening/ending sequences


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Utena ED2 - Virtual Star Embryology. Simple but effective, with the music carrying a lot of the weight.

Urusei Yatsura ED3 - Cosmic Cycler. UY has lots of goofy OPs and EDs, but I especially like the upbeat chirpiness of this one.

Fist of the North Star OP1 - Take Back the Love. Yes, this shows really starts with a song called Take Back the Love.

Himouto! Umaru-Chan OP. "Unlimited selfishness is the flip-side of love" Words to live (or die) by.

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Great thread, have enjoyed catching up on it and see some great videos. I'm always sad to hear when people skip these (in both anime and live action programmes) without even once viewing these, which to me are art forms as much as the series themselves. My extended favourites from what comes to mind:

Darling in the franxx (either one I guess as the shared track is great, but first edges ahead for me)
Eureka seven op1 (tune!)
March comes in like a lion op1
Japan sinks 2020
Recreators op 1
Thankfully can't think of any others currently

Eureka seven ed 1 (best one for me given the panning focus on each character)
Tatami galaxy
From the new world (the first one in particular but I really like the second as well)
Tokyo ghoul ed 1
Chrono crusade (tune!)
After the rain
Second season of attack on Titan ed (got very Komm Susser tod vibes from that)
Dororo ed 1
Flcl alternative
Angel beats
Pet girl of sakurasou ed1
Ssss Gridman

Recently I quite enjoyed all the ops and eds from dorohedoro, & most of the ones from monogatari are great just given the focus on a different character per arc.


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Yes, Doga Kobo really do excellent OP/EDs. I've posted New Game! and WATATEN vids in previous posts.

Looking back I haven't posted since Summer 19! So here's the OP and ED from Great Pretender which I started today. Surprised no one posted them already:

A load of videos I posted are down so I might re-upload them at some point.


The Hataraku Saibou Black ED is really entertaining and fun despite how grim the actual show is. I was also surprised to find that both the OP and ED are by Polysics, which is a group I haven't heard in many years.

I guess the ED is designed to cheer you up after watching a mostly miserable experience.

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I love the bait-and-switch contrast between the opening and ending of Asobi Asobase.

OP - what guys think teenage girls are like:

ED - what they're actually like:
That is hilarious, and the ed sounds great heh. I don't know anything about this anime, worth a watch in your opinion?


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Strangley I’m not that into openings and closing and usually skip them (don’t hate me 😂) but i can’t stop listening to this song this morning. Not either but at least it’s a piece of music from anime (even if it’s not a very good adaption 😂)



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That is hilarious, and the ed sounds great heh. I don't know anything about this anime, worth a watch in your opinion?
Asobi Asobase is definitely worth a look. Bear in mind that the tone of the show is much closer to the ED. It's your standard cute-girls-wasting-time-after-school setup, but with three complete weirdos and some very bizarre twists later on. I thought it was hilarious, but I could see its style being divisive.

I recently rewatched Ideon, and I don't think I skipped the OP once. It's a shame that this upload doesn't have subtitles because the lyrics are interesting. At first glance it seems like typical heroic super robot stuff, but if you look closer it has some ominous foreshadowing about the direction the series is headed, with lines like, "The legendary giant's power tears across the galaxy" and "Don't be afraid. Focus on this moment of resurrection."

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Probably cheating a bit here but really enjoyed the following two end credits songs from recent watches:

This song nicely closes out The Case of Hana & Alice and matches and mood& atmosphere of the movie very well.

Great song ending Redline and this video highlights some of the beautiful animation.