DVD/BR/Games for sale.


Pokémon Master
List will be updated periodically as I add more titles. As always P+P is not included. Reasonable offers considered.


Region A

FF Type-0 HD Soundtrack- £10
Fafner: Heaven & Earth- £5
Un-Go £10
Ambition of Nobuna Oda £15
Wanna be the Strongest LE £20
Legendary Heroes Part 1 LE £10

Region B

Nobunagun- £15

DVD (region code in brackets)

Strawberry Marshmallow+Artbox (1)- £30
Angel Tales+Artbox & plushies (1)- £45
Ga Rei Zero (2)- £10
Gokudo (1)- £30
FMP!, FUMOFFU, Second Raid- £15
Fafner 1-7+Artbox (1) £10

Box 'o stuff- Extra DVDs, games etc that I don't need anymore. Just pay the p+p and it's yours.
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do you still have Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4) £15 and if so would you be able to hold it till I get paid on the 28?