Rosa Walton (Let’s Eat Grandma) — I Really Want to Stay At Your House (from the Netflix series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners)

I really enjoyed watching it. Trigger are incredible. I've heard people say it's one of the best (or even THE best) Trigger, but I cannot possibly agree. You can see they have been restricted in the story they wanted to tell. They really ran far with what they had, but they even struggled to have Rebecca included in the story. Which is a shame because their work surpasses the game in every way.

Regardless, they did very well, and I look forward to seeing where they go next.
Wouldn't say it was their best, necessarily, but I think it is my favourite Trigger series of the ones I've seen.

Even if they weren't given absolute free reign, it does at least feel like they were able to reach a reasonable understanding with the producers and embrace the project. It feels like something made with genuine enthusiasm, unlike some other co-productions which seem forced or unloved (hello Marvel anime).
Having loved the universe of the eponymous video game, I watched this series without much enthusiasm and yet I was surprised! The introduction is a bit long, we discover over the episodes the characters and their links, we have seen better animation side but the screenplay remains very interesting.