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  1. SAHO

    Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (Anime) Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Watch here In a dystopia riddled with corruption and cybernetic implants, a talented but reckless street kid strives to become a mercenary outlaw — an edgerunner. OFFICIAL TRAILER OFFICIAL NSFW TRAILER OFFICIAL OPENING...
  2. mynameissport

    Namida No Tane Eago No Hana English cover (Gurren Lagann) (By milkychan ft. Yoko Littner cosplayers)

    Here is my new produced project of Namida No Tane Eago No Hana English cover by Milkychan with lyrics by Koko featuring Yoko Littner cosplayers to celebrate 10 years of Gurren Lagann. Originally released in April 2007, this song was used as the ending from Gurren Lagann The Movie: The Lights in...