Crunchyroll's Most Popular Anime Sorted by Console in 2016


Pokémon Master
Crunchyroll continuing their trend of releasing infographs.





Most Popular Show On Each Console:
  • PlayStation 3 - Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
  • PlayStation 4 - Persona5 the Animation - The Day Breakers
  • PS Vita - Brave Beats
  • Wii - Dream Festival!
  • Wii U - Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
  • Xbox 360 - Fairy Tail
  • Xbox One - Dragon Ball Super
PS3 owners sitting in the audience listening to the lone storyteller, reminiscing of days gone by. PS4 owners wishing that they could play Monster Hunter whilst Vita owners just wish that they could play a new game. Wii owners dream of HD as Wii U owners object the demise of the system. The success of the 360 feels like a fairy tail these days as the Xbox One drifts away.

What I learned today: People still watch Netflix Crunchyroll on the Wii.

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Karamatsu Boy
Bizarre list. Also that Vita commentary was downright cruel, even if it is true in this country.

It annoys me when titles which aren't available in the UK place in lists, even though it's irrational.


Rena Ryuugu

I watched 4 out of 10 anime on that list on Crunchy's PS4 app lol

It's nice to see To Be Hero high up on the list, I wasn't expecting it to be there lol


Karamatsu Boy
Now I think of it, I watch completely different shows on my PS4 and on my computer/phone. My console is reserved for titles I watch with friends or my other half over dinner, while all of the stuff I watch on my computer is stuff only I enjoy. Aside from the obvious demographic differences between people who regularly use a niche handheld versus those who use an expensive mainstream console and the like, I wonder whether there are common viewing patterns which cause some of these strange variations?


Cold Cobra

Wait... Wha?!
AUKN Staff
Interesting list. I watch CR on my PS4, but have far more in common with the Xbone owners than anyone else. Then again, if we're talking worldwide, then the PS4 is going to have a larger and more varied group to get numbers from.


They should provide the same statistics for computer operating systems. I wish to see if statistics are sufficiently granular to delineate viewers by Linux distribution.