Cheap box of Wii


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Thats great news ever since sony's bombshell of $599 us dollars. I can imagine why people are tempeted to go and get the wii. I reckon the next generation battle will see a shift in the balance of power. :p


i heard the price was going to be quite low, so thats a pretty decent price for the new console. I know what i shall be getting. now i just have to wait for it and Smash Brothers Brawl to be released.


I dont see how Solid Snake will be any good in smash bros. hes too stealthy and if its the same controls as the MGS games then it will be extremely hard to control against other characters.

Also on topic, I think i might actually buy the Wii seeing as Ive gone down the Sony route since megadrive, plus I'll be able to play all the gamecubes games I wanted to (which wasnt many)


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I'm going to get a DS for my console fix, as my money situation will become dire once I've done an essential overhaul on my PC when Windows Vista hits. Ouchies.


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I can imagine snake throwing c4 eveywhere in the area and cracking little pikacu's neck. Hmmm... hide in the box = instant win

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i was quite underwhelmed by it to. But for that price it'll be worth it just for a nice looking gamecube and smash bros brawl. :D