BBFC Passed Anime Updates


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March comes in like a lion (episodes 1-21): PG (didn't Anime Limited already release this as a 12?)
That's weird, they did, I haven't watched it yet so I cant' say if i'd agree or not but my AL copy says it's a 12 'contains moderate bad language, infrequent mild violence and mild sex references'


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I watched the first few episodes because I'm dumb like that sometimes and uhh...

Well, I dropped it. There is literally no reason to watch it apart from the ecchi and that wasn't exactly tasteful either.


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I've done my best to purge it from my memory to be honest... But I think it was just bad on all accounts. It did try to have a plot I think, but it was barely coherent and the characters spent a large portion of the time at least semi-nude for minimal discernible reason.
Ah I see, doesn’t sound like my sort of thing. I can get into a fanservice-driven series if it at least has decent characters and ideas (see MonMus and most of HS DxD) but otherwise it seems a waste of viewing time.


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Yeah, I get that. I mean, two of probably my top five (or at least top ten) favourites of all time are fanservice-laden, if not exactly fanservice-driven. So if I'm saying that about a show it's probably a fairly accurate reflection of it :p