AUKN Character Battle Round 2, Match 14: Akatsuki/Gennosuke Kouga

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Karamatsu Boy
It's a fight to the death between a pair of ninja!


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4. It's ok to have fun :)

Voting period: From now until 23:59 on Sunday 20th September. Votes posted after this time will not be counted.



Akatsuki from Log Horizon

The ninja fighting the war on Panties.

Gennosuke Kouga from Basilisk

A Kouga ninja and heir to his clan, Gennosuke is a forward-thinking warrior who hopes to unite the feuding factions with his betrothal to Oboro of the Ida clan. He wields a mysterious and terrifying power in combat.
Rui said:
Lutga said:
It's gotta be Akatsuki this time - how can you deny the cuteness?

Like this:

I vote for Gennosuke!

Sorry, Lutga, but you're right Rui - How can you deny Gennosuke's cuteness...?


I vote to Akatsuki.
(I think I'm being overly against Rui in this round of fights... It's not my fault she puts these fights togther, right? lol)
Not many votes this time but Akatsuki snatches the win! The panties will continue into round 3.

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