Anime That is Cut in the UK: The Definitive Thread

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    Re: Anime that is Cut in the UK... The definitive thread.

    Yep we all know what's coming.........that's a thought instead of remaking the series why not just continue the series from where it stopped
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    Re: Anime that is Cut in the UK... The definitive thread.

    dont the movies adapt all of the manga ?
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    Re: Anime that is Cut in the UK... The definitive thread.

    In comparison to the TV series, the Golden Age trilogy did a worse job. All side plots were removed and a lot of important stuff were removed or altered (for instance The Advent never showed this scene [SPOILERS] The Band of the Hawk with Rickert were attacked/killed by Apostles while Guts and co. went to rescue Griffith, the Skull Knight then rescued Rickert. This scene was included in the TV series though the outcome was never shown.) The only thing they got right was the outcome of the arc which was a cliffhanger in the anime in order to make consumers read the manga (in other words, the TV series had a 'Read the Manga' end).
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    Re: Anime that is Cut in the UK... The definitive thread.

    Didn't the TV series leave out Skull Knight entirely amongst other things? That's a less acceptable omission imo, once you know how the series plays out further down the line.
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    Re: Anime that is Cut in the UK... The definitive thread.

    As far as I heard a few months ago, more films were being planned so lets wait and see if it feels the gaps in history.
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    Re: Anime that is Cut in the UK... The definitive thread.

    Problem is that story arc is the highlight of the series, after that it gradually declines. It doesn't become bad just less great.
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    First title to be cut in ages:

    Battle Girls: Time Paradox

    8 seconds have been cut due to the following:
    Cut required to remove a scene in which the nudity of a character who is presented as under 16 is presented in a sexualised manner. Cut required in accordance with BBFC Guidelines, policy and the Video Recordings Act 1984.

    Title is still rated 15.
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    Isn't that pretty much every anime though? And why not just make it an 18 instead then?
  9. Ath

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    Would've been cut no matter what the certificate. It's one of those compulsory cuts for legal reasons.

    Not even sure there's much point in MVM releasing it now. It'll probably cost extra to produce cut discs for the UK, and people who want the series are more likely to avoid the cut UK release, confounding the situation.
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    And yet Strike Witches is uncut. And Monogatari. And many, many others. Go figure.
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    That's what I don't get, the sheer inconsistency. The number of anime available in the UK where under-16s are shown naked/in a sexualised manner must surely rank into the double digits. Is it simply the character age that is at issue here, or because it's full frontal as opposed to a panty shot or something?
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    Wait, Battle Girls actually has nudity in it?, I just thought it was one of those titles that shows nude females but doesn't show the goods (nipples and the like), i.e Senran Kagura
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    I'm interested to know which episode, and at what point, this was cut from. I remember watching Battle Girls subbed shortly after it aired in Japan and I can't remember anything 'that bad'.
  14. Invisible Crane

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    There is an episode with a hot springs part, guess that was the problematic part
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    Ok; so I rented the 'retail' release of Battle Girls: Time Paradox so that I could compare it with the Sample/Check Discs sent out to reviewers to see what was actually cut from the series. (it was bugging me).

    Turns out the 8-second cut is indeed made during the Bathhouse sequence of Episode 3 (at the 54:10 mark), whereby Hideyoshi and Nobunaga are taking a bath together. The scene that was cut is an underwater close-up shot of Hideyoshi wiggling her butt while thinking of way to avoid war.

    Just thought I'd point that out incase anyone wanted any clarification into what was cut from this release. I can understand why the BBFC did this; but at the same time I feel like there has been a lot worse in other anime shows with the same age-rating.
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    How the heck long is episode 3?
  17. Normal 22-25 minutes I assume. What is mentioned is the timestamp of the disc not the episode.
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    Indeed; unlike other MVM/Sentai titles when selecting individual episodes it shows the length of the complete disc rather than that particular episode (and I wasn't in the mood try work out what the individual episode time-stamp was).
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    One item which did throw something into this arena is "Gunbuster". When I first bought DVD I acquired the UK release which was a direct lift from the VHS masters - the giveaway being a video tracking glitch (during a scene when Coach is chatting with Kazumi about Noriko's suitability as a mecha fighter) which was present on the VHS boxset. This master had scenes of bathing nudity removed from the second episode, supplanted with a haphazardly re-edited and shorter scene. Upon discovering that the studio had remastered it to a superior quality and re-released it in the US, I re-purchased it upon this basis but was surprised to see that the original sequence had been restored, though there were then two other apparent changes made - one being the substitution of a piece of homage music (to "Chariots of FIre") in episode one with another track from the series (resulting in a marginally lower quality soundtrack for the whole episode), and more surprisingly an argument scene later in the series when two characters slap and counter-slap across the face. In the remastered version the counter-slap was delivered as a cutaway scene. I'm guessing this was a choice made by the studio themselves, but it just goes to show that in some cases you can never account for either editing choices, culture or censorship.
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    It's really funny to me that things like a single frame of animation get cut by the BBFC, but say...the entire Karen toothbrush scene in Nisemonogatari, and the Shinobu bath scene in Nisemonogatari went completely uncut. When MVM announced the release of Nisemonogatari a few years ago I was genuinely concerned that it would be cut. They're not very consistent are they? :-D