Anime Limited Mystery Boxes (SPOILERS)

Girls wIth Guns

Thousand Master
Blu-ray Mystery Box #2 (missing one blu-ray)

The Murder Case of Hana & Alice
Attack on Titan: Junior High
Tokyo ESP
Ok, I'm safe with that Mystery Box #2 as well - Already have the AL CE for #1 and #3, the Funimation LE for #4, and zero interest in #2 and the one sniper mentioned. The DVD Mystery Box was of no interest either because I don't buy DVDs. So for me, no need to get any of the 3 Mystery Boxes this year. Money saved! 😎

The only release I really, really wanted to get from AL's Sale was that Snow White Box set... 😢
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not had my box arrive yet for the second one yet hopefully arrives soon 3 titles in that list interest me the rest are not as impressive.


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Lol damn.. I hate it when I'm right.. I actually guessed what was in the two blu-ray boxes and I got 8/10 of them right :confused: but I didn't think they would put
Noein and ESP in because they were cheap last year :(