Anime Limited & MVM's 12 Days of Christmas 2020: 1st-12th Dec | 9:30am MVM, 5:00pm AL


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MVM Day 1 is now live

Armed Girl's MachiavellismCollector's Edition Blu-ray£39.99
The Eccentric Family Season 1Collector's Edition Blu-ray£24.99
Flip FlappersCollector's Edition Blu-ray£39.99
Garden of SinnersCollector's Edition Blu-ray£79.99
Girls' Last TourCollector's Edition Blu-ray£39.99
Grimoire of ZeroCollector's Edition Blu-ray & DVD£39.99
Log Horizon Seasons 1 & 2Collector's Edition Blu-ray£49.99
Monogatari series: Second SeasonCollector's Edition Blu-ray£59.99
Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kunCollector's Edition Blu-ray & DVD£24.99
Princess PrincipalCollector's Edition Blu-ray£39.99
Sword Oratoria: Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the SideCollector's Edition Blu-ray & DVD£39.99
Tenchi Muyo! OVA CollectionCollector's Edition Blu-ray & DVD£24.99
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Already own everything today in some format (most these collectors editions) so think I'll save my money today. Phew.


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MVM how are these sale prices? Just looks like they inflated regular prices and reduced them to a price that's the same or even more expensive than Amazon. Garden of Sinners was £179?? It's £93 now on Amazon, was £65 during Black Friday.


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Yeah, it’s a pass from me. None of these prices are good enough to tempt me on the shows I don’t already own.

As an edit, I don’t really blame them. Can’t imagine this year has been particularly easy on the old cashflow forecast and Amazon can afford to be more liberal with discounts. But there’s traditionally been a high level of expectation for just how good these Christmas discounts will be and this doesn’t match that.


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I figured they would cover collector's editions on the first day as they did in the previous year. Though pricing-wise, Amazon's Black Friday sale (which concluded yesterday) was actually cheaper for a lot of these sets.
And the regular Amazon price isn't much more either, I didn't splurge on Amazon because ironically I was waiting for today lol they do say hindsight is 20/20.

I already own Garden of Sinners, Monogatari S2, Tenchi (DVD set) and Nozaki-kun (SE).

Don't know enough about the other shows to make an informed decision. So I'll have a think about it.


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Yeah these Day 1 offers aren't really proper sale prices like last year in my view sooo... I bought Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card instead. But I'm still cautiously optimistic that there will be some good prices this year. I already own Flip Flappers and Girls' Last Tour CEs (great shows), I own Tenchi Muyo OVAs and Eccentric Family CEs and am probably gonna sell those anyway, and the rest are either too expensive or not of interest/enough interest. I own the Made in Abyss CE already so this is just out of curiosity but: Is there a reason that wasn't included as in has it sold out? remembers I can check MVM's website and find out. It has indeed. Well, I'm lucky to have it already then. I look forward to seeing if there are any good deals in Day 2 onward/Anime Limited's sales :)


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But how it works? These prices will be only today? To be honest, it's not a big deal. Only Log Horizon will interest me, but this price only a little better than usual.


I would of been tempted to buy the Log Horizon set but with now s3 on the way and i already own the mvm parts i will pass for a more complete collection later down the road. The price is still a little to steep for me.

Tenchi Muyo and Sword of Oratario i already own so those are passes.

Grimoire of Zero isn't worth it as on Amazon you can find it over 8 pounds' cheaper.

Girls Last Tour seems more or less the same.

Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun seems to be the only one worth it for me so i am getting that.

Not interested with the rest.


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Urgh no offense to the hard workers at MVM but their Synopsis can never really sell me.

Log Horizon sounds like it's a Sword Art Online clone
Flip Flappers sounds like a generic magical girl show
Girls Last Tour and Princess Principal are the more original ones but I still don't know anything about them.


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I would of been tempted to buy the Log Horizon set but with now s3 on the way and i already own the mvm parts i will pass for a more complete collection later down the road. The price is still a little to steep for me.
FUNimation has stole S3 so I can’t see a complete collection happening