Anime Limited & MVM's 12 Days of Christmas 2020: 1st-12th Dec | 9:30am MVM, 5:00pm AL

Figured I would do a list of thing that might be causing delay for dispatch for AllTheAnime, from orders i've made that haven't been dispatched for what ever reason.
List of items from the sale that could have caused delay to orders (possbily even day 1 orders), these are items shown as reprinting in porgress (NOTE: this may not be the reason for the delay, just a list):
Wolf rain Std Blu ray
Outlaw star Blu ray
Cowboy bebop Blu ray
Gurren Lagann Blu ray
Full Metal Panic season 1 Blu ray
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu Blu ray
Aldnoah zero S1 Blu ray
Aldnoah zero S2 Blu ray
Good idea, can rule out some of those though, Full Metal Panic Season 1 and Aldnoah.Zero: Season 2, which were not originally listed as needing a reprint, but were later, I cancelled both of those from my large order and created a separate one with just those, and that separate order actually shipped within days, ironically, while the large order is still held up.

Aldnoah.Zero: Season 1 and Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu meanwhile could be behind delays for some orders, but if so you are likely to see movement on those orders soon, I just received a shipping notice for my 1st day order of just those 2 titles today.

The big order I made using the 10% discount is too large to list to be useful in narrowing things down IMO, but my order from the BOGOF offer is only 6 items and still held up;
Plastic Memories: Parts 1 & 2
AJIN: Season 2
Code Geass III: Glorification
Escaflowne: TV Series & Movie Ltd Edition
Penguin Highway - Blu-ray/DVD Collector's Edition
MVM seems to be taking a very long time to ship things. 1st week into January and still have a lot of product that hasnt even been shipped yet. Anime Limited got me all my stuff already, and I'm overseas too. :( Waiting by the door and waiting for a package sucks lol
My experience is the polar opposite, while I was hoping for some better offers from the MVM sale itself, I have to give them (or him?) credit for their shipments, I created one last order on the morning of the 13th, just as the sale was about to end, and that shipped on the 16th, seems likely all their sale orders had shipped by them, which I think is pretty damn good.

They (MVM) did say orders wouldn't be dealt with from 24th december until 3rd january, which might create a little bit of a backlog after the 3rd, but that's not even remotely comparable to AL, who AFAICT stopped shipping around the 18th of december and only starting back up today, I believe, and considering the amount of orders they had outstanding (and the size of a lot of those orders)...

They get some slack due to covid, absolutely, but can we at least all agree mistakes were made on AL's part?
MVM ship First Class, AL now ship 48 hours tracked ehich is a slower service.
Dunno how that translates to international orders, considering my order sure doesn't seem trackable :p

edit: Actually seems to have been delivered today(maybe, still need to confirm with my father), only updated once smh
Yep I also had everything ship that was listed as re-printing including my massive day 1 order with which had the one pre order within it (but minus the pre order).
So I suspect they got some of there re-printed stock in recently.
I assume you guys are waiting for FMP IV from AtA? I received my copy over here in the US on 30 December from AOL... I'm surprised that MVM got them out so much sooner than AL, and especially to an overseas destination...
My copy of FMP IV also shipped today, i’m curious if this one will get hit with custom charges or not. If it does I’ll just need to contact AL to somehow refund the UK VAT as it doesn’t make sense to pay VAT twice.