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AUKN Staff
Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Season 2 also shipped from AOL for me. Hopefully will receive it tomorrow lunch-time if the speed is still the same as before.


AUKN Staff
Millennium Actress 100%. Great film.
Will pick up Neverland too.

Children of the Sea has some nice looking art on that poster, interested..


Millennium Actress will be mine...

EDIT: Maybe not if it's a £90 Ultimate Edition though...

I've looked on the tweets, and judging by that, it looks like it will only be given a Standard Edition release.

I'll definitely go for Millennium Actress and The Promised Neverland. I may consider Children of the Sea, but I'm not sure if it's worth blind buying.


Za Warudo
Will definitely be picking up Millennium Actress, Children of the Sea I've heard mixed things about but I'll watch a trailer or something and decide from there, sometimes pretty pictures is all I need lol maybe buy TPN too.


Dragon Knight
Eh might get Millenium Actress if it gets a standard. Bounced off Promised Neverland pretty early and Children of the Sea sounds like a disaster in both plot and production


AUKN Staff
While Promised Neverland was known for a while thanks to Madman, I welcome the acquisitions for Children of the Sea and Millennium Actress even though it was common sense for AL to grab them at some point.

Surprised they didn't give Gundam SEED Ultimate Edition a spotlight for their ultimate edition talk, they need to throw in a Gundam somewhere (then again we did get a standard definition look at Hanners' collection which has Gundam).


Fantastic to see Millennium Actress confirmed. It is, for me, Kon's best film and one of the best films of the noughties. A tremendous homage to the Golden Age of Japanese cinema. It would be great if we could get a translation of Kon's 'The Road to Millennium Actress' along with it.