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So I got the year pass for Screen Anime the other day (last month worked out well for me so I shall continue) how does the discounts work on their website, do you get sent a code or is it automatic?


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It’s an upscale as was Your Name no anime film is made in 4K yet
Except for all those pre-digital anime films, of course.

From what I've read about the Weathering With You UHD, the conversion to HDR has been done better than it was with Your Name but there's also been a blanket sharpening filter applied.


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I guess the UK release is coming fairly soon?
Well I knew Unicorn was coming up at some point but I didn't think it would be this soon. Still it's great news regardless.

I'm surprised they're going for a slim design than a double amaray case like Origin I-IV was, I suspect they decided that other complete titles like 0083 should be a slim one from here on for shelf-space.


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Makes sense that the French branch announced the Blu-ray release since they're screening the first three OVAs today. They talked about F91 a few months ago in the CCA screening so I guess that should also be in the pipeline.


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Unicorn in a complete space saving set would be nice.

Now release SD Gundam Force so I can dump my 10 DVDs, please.