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bloody hell only 80 of the bundle what hell are anime linted playing at and the regular bundle is only 100 at low numbers like this very few people get a look in.

Jeremy Graves

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bloody hell only 80 of the bundle what hell are anime linted playing at and the regular bundle is only 100 at low numbers like this very few people get a look in.
We literally only had 80 of the additional items. So our hands were tied on how many of that bundle could be available.


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I get it with the additional items, I missed out on that myself but I understand it, but the limited outer boxes?

It works great to get some people to pull the trigger on a pre-order (like on me just now, think this is the very first early bird offer I've ordered), but sucks for the people that miss out, if I missed it I'd most likely say screw it and not bother, just get the SE releases on sale at some point way down the line, which is pretty much my attitude with the Re:Zero sets after missing out on the outer box for that.

Store exclusives are one thing, but having them so limited that a good number of customers are going to inevitably miss out on them just doesn't make much sense to me.


I wouldn't call an extra that like 1/3rd of the production run gets as that limited.

The issue here is that this release was highly sort afted by fans outside the UK (mainland EU) due to it being a Region B English BD release of Utena.


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I had the product page open in a tab all day, and I started refreshing from 5pm. Was fortunate enough to be one of the 80 - especially as I had to enter my card details manually!

It's nuts seeing how much the regular bundle and even solo Vol 1 CE are selling. Hopefully this means Standard Editions are possible sooner down the line.


At this point, I'm debating about whether I should wait for Anime Limited to add the solo Parts 2 and 3 CEs to their website, or just order them on MVM's website while I still have the chance (sure that'll work out more, but I don't know if it's worth taking a chance).


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If I could have got it I probably would have grabbed the ring/artbook set. But I'm not a big Utena fan, so seems right bigger fans got those.

I've actually never watched it but it's on my bucket list to see so I decided to pounce. Between this, Promare and IBO, showing AL a lot of support ;)


Similar reason why I didn't grab the Artbook/Rings. This is a blind buy for me, and I'm not a huge fan of reading printed interviews so even though I had a chance to order the £115 bundle I passed on it.


Register your interest in Screen Anime and possibly win all of the posters from ALs cinematic releases:


The series on Screen Anime is Wolf's Rain.


So Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise is the only thing I haven't seen or got.


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With the exception of Promare (which I've pre-ordered) I already seen (and own) these. Will see what comes up in future though.

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And it's live. All accounts start with a 3 day trial before any billing begins from the look of it. That'll be good for seeing how well the site works on my computer or whether I can access it from some other device.


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And I'm in on the PC client!

Seems to be the Vimeo style player, think they used the same one for some of the other screenings like Mai Mai Miracle. Works well enough, even managed to update my avatar and add a film to my 'list'!

Search is a little wonky, 'prom' just seems to list everything until I get to 'promar' before it realises what I'm after, and I don't really like the fancy modern layout like those of Netflix/Amazon as it confuses the hell out of me (that one is probably on me though). But with the content swapping out each month I probably won't need the search function or be too lost in list of titles anyway.

Suggestion time:

One thing I'd like if you're listening, and it sure isn't a deal breaker, but I'd be much happier if the first category was just called 'Films' and it listed JUST the films available, and the second category was just 'Series' and if that listed JUST the series available. With the films + extras being available further down in the categories you've already got going on.

Will give Promare a test run this evening!

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Looking at how this currently works, how does it link towards Anime Limited? Since the yearly subscriptions come with additional bonuses specific towards the site, I initially expected that the two accounts would be linked in some way like with a shared account. However since you need to make a new account, will there be some form of linking between the two?


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Alright I'm signed up and ready to watch.

I'm curious what the Thursday watch along party is? On paper it just seems like an agreed time to just watch Penguin Highway which for on demand is kind of redundant