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GGO is box is now sold out on ALs site
Glad I asked about it yesterday. Ended up ordering it just in time I see!


I see someone was very rude to a al rep that's a great way for industry reps not wanting on bother communicating with the fans on this site.


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Why not? Honestly, I liked Reconguista but it seemed like it got cut short during production and they didn't had time to rewrite it.


Harem King
0079 trilogy didn't change that much it just distilled it. I feel a lot of Rec would have to change a lot for it to be good. Also I still dont like they retcon Turn A sorry it is a personal reason for me to dislike it but I dont like that something occurs after Turn A apparently.

Also I dont hate retellings I think KyoAnis are some of the best Free and the Sound Eupho ones.