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AL also have Tamako Market+Tamako Love Story.
I'd been assuming MVM would be more likely to release it because they have been releasing Sentai titles recently (I asked them about it recently on twitter). But very happy AL will release it 😊.


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The comment about new Gundam dubs REALLY makes me want to know the office reaction to the 00 ep in Edinburgh. Where we get to hear Canadians attempt Scottish accents.


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This conversation makes me wonder if they will ever expand what was started in Victory Gundam or if they will forever stick to the colony war stuff. Probably the later, but in theory I wouldn't be opposed to expanding the UC universe to include other life forms in the far flung future.
I'd be interested in a sequel to F91, the Crossbone Manga is quite popular and all of the recent UC content has been expanded universe adaptation so it could happen.
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Crossbone I do feel the only likely way sunrise will ever touch late UC. As after V that really killed it god victory is awful easily worst Gundam I’ve seen

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I'm actually super shocked they didn't announce Kakegurui!!! Seems like a huge missed opportunity
... oh well, shouldn't be too picky, we'll get it one day!!! Probably!!! 😀

Did they actually announce the release date of ANYTHING for this year??


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Looks like the Tamako Market collection is the first AL set this year I'll up. Funnily enough, I wasn't a huge fan of the series but the movie attempts a different tone (and even colour palette) & was generally superb. I'd recommend checking it if you like your slightly low-key Ghibli romance stories like When Marnie Was There or Whisper of the Heart. Plus, it's a Naoko Yamada joint.


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I agree the movie is the best part of the series.

It's the only thing, together with the yuasa movie, that I might want from the AL MCM, on sale... maybe.


The movie is better but the tonal shift is very weird especially back to back it feels like a whole different series it’s not 100% successful in my eyes at changing the characters to fit a romance Well


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And I just got my sentais... Oh well. Will see, how nice the packaging/extras are and decide then.
Also agree on the series and movie being pretty completely diffrent things. The movie is more like as if they just made a standalone movie and reused the characters and one little cute motive from the TV series. (Also, no obnoxious bird, which was pretty much a major character in the TV series, that's saying a lot already.)
I didn't like neither all that much when I watched it first, out of diffrent reasons (bird and the other being a pure SoL-Romance), but meant to check it out again, as the directing and animation really is high level.


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Very interested in all three title's picked up, look to be my sort of things.

Expected I want to eat your Pancreas, little shocked it wasn't announced tbh.


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Very interested in all three title's picked up, look to be my sort of things.

Expected I want to eat your Pancreas, little shocked it wasn't announced tbh.
I think the fact France has it while we don’t implies AL don’t have it in the UK and/or someone else does, which would be a shame as I’d be all for a fancy CE for it.