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Straw Hat Pirate
I simultaneously love/hate these origin boxes, they're gorgeous and only tend to be £15-20 more than ordering the standard edition from

But goddamn are they hard to find space for...

Are we on to the last 2 now? I suppose I could construct additional living space from them.


Pokémon Master
Went to press screening of Napping Princess. It's good though mildly confusing. It feels like it wants to do that Satoshi Kon thing of dreams bleeding into reality but gets a bit lost and so things just become inconsistent.


Quintessential Grav
AUKN Staff
Anime Limited Podcast:
  • Cowboy Bebop coming to Viceland TV
  • Looking into Belladonna of Sadness early bird pre-orders (for non-Xmas owners)
  • Q3 2017 news expected next podcast
  • Would you consider licensing any live-action film or series?
    Andrew: Sure but we don't have any. It depends on whether they are keen on it (and whether it's actually good), they won't search for it for the sake of it. Live-action is not something they'll expand to but if it's attached to an anime it's possible. Example of something they are keen on is the live-action JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable Part 1 film. Not Terraformars (probably Andrew's favourite secretly heh heh heh).
  • I like Idol anime but what's going on with Macross?
    Google Harmony Gold Macross Lawsuit.
  • Belladonna looks great, any interest in older anime?
    Depends on what their interests are. Possible but watch this space. Also down to cost of licensing - according to Jeremy (Jerome mentioned this to him a few years ago) the licensing cost may be high for titles released on VHS but not on DVD.
  • Any chance for releasing Original Soundtracks like BECK?
    Andrew doesn't mind, BECK he likes.
  • DVDs version of Fullmetal Alchemist 2003?
    Not possible. They relied on Funimation for the masters but since Funi don't have it anymore it's more complicated. They might look into it if demands are high (remember DVDs cost more than Blu-rays these days), but for now it's going to be Blu-ray only. BBFC are also making things tedious - £11435.76 to pay off Monster for the BBFC. Andrew also wants Nana and Paradise Kiss.
  • French arm that have licenses that are never been released for the UK?
    Licensing. Space Adventure Cobra for example was attempted for the UK but it never worked. Fees are based on territory. You won't make it back for a nostalgia title.
  • Anime are you most proud of that you have released?
    Cowboy Bebop as it was one of their first ones.
    Andrew would say all of them - for one it would be Your Name.
    Keith would be his thing: Terror in Resonance.
    Jessica: Cowboy Bebop DVD and Escaflowne - reproduction and stuff (back from when she used to work)
    Jeremy: Durarara!! - the most definitive English release of the show. DVD & BD Dub & Sub for QC in a week and a half. No comment on breaking him.
  • Any news on K Film & Season 2?
    Only got dubbed just recently by Viz Media. K: Missing Kings expected to be early next quarter. Should see them come out close to each other by Q4. Authoring by Madman.
  • A Silent Voice dub update?
    NYAV Post for the dub. Andrew has the cast list and would like to put out a dub premiere if you are brave enough muhahaha.
Shows that were suggested to them to watch and discuss together on podcasts:
  • Eromanga Sensei
  • Kakegurui
  • Konosuba
  • Sakura Quest - they will watch this


Karamatsu Boy
Nice write up. Good to hear that the JJBA film is on their radar at least and that BBFC figure made me wince...



Great Teacher
Anime Limited Podcast:
  • I like Idol anime but what's going on with Macross?
    Google Harmony Gold Macross Lawsuit

Harmony Gold need to just **** off and never come back.

One of THE great franchises in anime and they're effectively holding it to ransom on the most tenuous basis, for their own greed.

Studio Nue, Big West and Bandai need to grow a pair and put HG back into their box for good.


Harmony Gold currently earn their keep through real estate, do they not?

Given their knack for not providing the things you would expect, namely harmonies, gold and Macross, they probably don't even sell real estate either.
(They probably use large hatchbacks.)