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UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Anime Industry Discussion' started by britguy, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. sniper_samurai

    sniper_samurai Adventurer

    Yeah, £43 is high for that kit. My LCS sells that kit for €40, which is nearly £10 cheap than that.
  2. Watanabe Ken

    Watanabe Ken Student Council President

  3. Jon O Fun

    Jon O Fun Great Teacher

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  4. HWR

    HWR School Idol

  5. Zin5ki

    Zin5ki Railgun

    I'm sure I shall tarry a while at their booth.
  6. Jon O Fun

    Jon O Fun Great Teacher

    I'm sure we can all rest easy in the knowledge that Amazon will leak any announcement before the event :D
  7. Robbl

    Robbl Kiznaiver

    Fingers crossed for the overdue Eureka 7 announcement and if I'm lucky, Death Parade as well :)
  8. HellCat

    HellCat Great Teacher

    "We have some exciting news about Gun-"
    "-parade March."
    "Also Gun-"
    "-slinger Girl"
    "And who could forget the classic mecha Gun-"
    "Now that HC has passed out from rage, we have Gundam news too"
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  9. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    To be fair, I'd be far more hyped for Gunbuster news than Gundam.
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  10. thedoctor2016

    thedoctor2016 Death Scythe

    Im not seeing any Gundam announcements bar standalone say Thunderbolt because of the Delays of Phase I
  11. Yami

    Yami School Idol

    For a second, I thought I'd missed a Gunbuster announcement! Don't get my hopes up!

    And how could you possibly have an angry face after Gunbuster? :p
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  12. Robbl

    Robbl Kiznaiver

    Gundam ResidentSleeper
  13. sniper_samurai

    sniper_samurai Adventurer

    I'd say they might announce Zeta Gundam : A New Translation as a store exclusive now that Nozomi are releasing it on bluray.
  14. HellCat

    HellCat Great Teacher

    Phase I?

    "We are Anime Limited. You think UK is the only foreign anime market in the world?"
    "Who are you?"
    "I'm Andrew Partridge. I'm here to talk to you about the Gundam Collection."
  15. Jon O Fun

    Jon O Fun Great Teacher

    As if to prove to myself I was being a bit mean to Amazon (they don't always leak stuff right...) I searched Amazon.

    Castle Town Dandelion - Standard BD [Blu-ray] Castle Town Dandelion - Standard BD [Blu-ray]: Amazon.co.uk: Noriaki Akitaya: DVD & Blu-ray

    Psycho-Pass The Movie - Standard BD [Blu-ray] Psycho-Pass The Movie - Standard BD [Blu-ray]: Amazon.co.uk: Naoyoshi Shiotani: DVD & Blu-ray

    Heavy Object Season 1 Part 2 - Standard BD [Blu-ray] Heavy Object Season 1 Part 2 - Standard BD Blu-ray: Amazon.co.uk: Takashi Watanabe: DVD & Blu-ray
  16. Lavigne

    Lavigne Great Teacher

    Did someone say....<gulp>...Gunbuster...? :eek:
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  17. mikezilla2

    mikezilla2 Completely Average High School Student

    So is the UK Gangsta - Collectors Edition
    not going to differ from the US set at all ?

  18. thedoctor2016

    thedoctor2016 Death Scythe

    We have no idea at this moment
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  19. Cold Cobra

    Cold Cobra I'm entirely trustworthy... AUKN Staff

    No need to shout :p
  20. Just Passing Through

    Just Passing Through Guild Member