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New drinking game! Each time a new delay gets announced, that's how many shots you have to drink the day you receive your set!
I'm pretty sure that encouraging people to commit suicide is against the law.

Anyway, the best news for me in this month's announcement isn't so much Seed Destiny itself, but rather that Bandai Namco have finally started returning AL's calls again.


Here's hoping for X, G, or V to be announced before the end of the year.
This is probably a silly question (I've never seen Seed Destiny) - but why is it on both formats?
10 discs are dedicated to the HD remaster which will cover roughly 5 eps per disc. This has the new English dub.

2 discs are dedicated to the original version of the series, which has the Bandai dub and is presented in Standard Definition.

1 disc is dedicated to the Special Edition films, also presented in Standard Definition.

1 disc is for the 3 part OVA series CE 73 Stargazer.

Overall, both formats to provide the most content for new and older SEED fans.
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That's because it used to be MVM who fulfilled all of Anime Limited orders. :)

I don't know how Tony managed to survive, having to package and dispatch all of AL and MVM's order's, especially at Christmas time. 🤣
99% of it would have been all me, Tony helped with ones that would have shipped with parcelforce. Needless to say it was tough and I certainly don't miss it!
My copy of Belle arrived yesterday too. I already saw it at the cinema subtitled, so I'll give the dubbed version a try now, with my wife. She won't watch subtitled anime at all. I hope she likes it.
Actually I have a question for the anime limited representative assuming there still reading this forum. Regarding gundam seed destiny, do you actually already have them in your warehouse and therefore actually can promise they will be released on time as opposed to the normal routine of saying you'll release it then delay the release?