UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread


School Idol
I love AL and think they make some really amazing releases and work incredibly hard but I cannot help but roll my eyes at ‘as a 70 episode series utilising entirely new video materials’ etc etc.
Like, this isn’t new info. You knew the scale of the project and what had come before in terms of the aforementioned French release and others. You’re not a new untested rookie company in this market anymore guys.


Cardcaptors release date now the 18th July, according to AOL. But with the above tweet saying they are still on track for the 4th, I'm guessing this new date is for people who didn't order with AL directly. 🤞


Pokémon Master
Seeing that Anime Expo over in the US is going in big with Gundam promotion yet again and just curious what would need to happen for similar to occur here?

Please don't misunderstand, I'm not blaming AL for this but they are the most active promotional partner for this stuff in the UK (including, I believe, being responsible for 'The Gundam Wing' at TFNation a few years back.) Entirely understand that if Bandai or whoever doesn't deem the UK a priority (and from what I've heard from folks close to the industry in Japan post-a certain political choice they don't) it won't happen.