UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread


Magical Girl
I guess we won't be getting any Gundam on 4K anytime soon then, seeing as F91 was one of the first released three years ago and yet this will seemingly be Blu-Ray only.


The Quintessential Pouts
AUKN Staff
I was going off the Funi part 2 tbh, so point taken, still overly long a gap.
Yeah it's noted that Anime Limited are using Aniplex of America's actual discs rather than the trimmed down Funimation discs (which are the same but without the extras) and the Madman discs. It's a very unique move but still impressive none the less so I am fine with waiting a while if it means getting those discs.


Harem King
I do think we will have offers but I don’t think the BDs will be out for May like they usually are probably June considering COVID has delayed everything else and not even Nintendo can promise nothing will change date wise.


Great Teacher
I'm annoyed at myself for missing the chance to watch F91 for free on . I've never seen the movie, so I'll be buying it for the action scenes at least.

I wonder if AL will release MS Igloo at some point.