Anime Bootleg Sentai 'Deep Fakes' (TLTR: Don't buy offa eBay/Magpie, bakamong!)



The fine gentleman above first posted about this in the deal thread. Being as a comrade informed me and my totally intentional, non-scammed research lead me to a similar discovery, I thought it deserved its own thread...cuz you foos need to be warned, 'innit.


My soon to be good friend, Cockli (Made in Abyss Blu-Ray 2017 | eBay), had an eBay listing that caught my eye: Made Abyss, sealed, for £4.99. Sentai's logo is clearly displayed, and that might fool some into thinking it's a case of someone trying to get rid of unwanted stock at bargain prices. It even comes sealed, all very real looking~

The back of the discs are a dead giveaway: I have never seen rewriteable Blu-ray discs used for official releases, for reasons obvious. The text on the cover and discs looks authentic... but upon closer inspection 'tis blurred, with red edging. Hard to see unless looking close. But the most obvious red flag is it's supposed to be a region-locked import disc that works on my region 'B' player. And there's a delay switching languages so noticeable I feared it dub-only. And the bit-rate, I'm pretty sure, is a lot lower than it should be. And, and, and...

So, ye be warned: I'll be 'recycling' my copy, and Magpie used copies are not to be trusted.

Feel free to reward Cockli for his soon-to-be ex-100% business via this link >>> Sign in or Register | eBay

PS: Left negative feedback, warning buyers. It was removed by eBay within 30mins. 100% feedback restored and no-one the wiser. Jolly good~
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But the most obvious red flag is it's supposed to be a region-locked import disc that works on my region 'B' player.
Most Sentai Filmworks releases aren't Region locked - they are checking the "country code" instead. However, for several popular Blu-ray-Players sold in the UK (including PS3, PS4, XBox One and variants) the "country code" is set to US, thus Sentai Blu-rays play fine.

But Sentai never ever used recordable media for Blu-rays.


Or the "fools" who purchased Media Blasters dvd sets only to find out the discs were burned and then found out they were official releases-sigh!