1. Aion

    Anime Bootleg Sentai 'Deep Fakes' (TLTR: Don't buy offa eBay/Magpie, bakamong!)

    https://forums.animeuknews.net/threads/uk-anime-blu-ray-dvd-bargains.169/page-534#post-554706 The fine gentleman above first posted about this in the deal thread. Being as a comrade informed me and my totally intentional, non-scammed research lead me to a similar discovery, I thought it...
  2. Tripp

    any good ebay anime sellers here

    just looking for some casual ebay sellers that deal in anime or if anyone knows a good place to get the hard disk online
  3. coreydbz

    Fairy Tail DVDs (Ebay)

    A friend of mine has listed a few of his collections on eBay if anyone is interested. Fairy tail collection dvd | eBay Fairy Tail DVD collections 1-4 + parts 9-13 (Region 2) Edit: Dragon Ball Z Complete Series Sold.