1. mynameissport

    eternal eternity Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 English cover (Ft. Shellah and Len)

    Here's Shellah and Len eternal eternity English cover from Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3. Viewable via: Should have been launched back in 2016 but left on the sidelines until I found this project and decided to launch it as a last minute one. Managed to get Rizzy Cosart and Rachsakawa to...
  2. mynameissport

    Kamen Rider Black English Cover (Ft. Kanano) (30 years 1987 - 2017)

    Here's Kamen Rider Black English cover by Kanono to celebrate 30 years of the series. Viewable below Originally released in 1987 which was translated as Masked Rider Black, it focuses on Kohtaro Minami facing against Gorgom whilst protecting Japan. With its dramatic storyline, twist of the...
  3. mynameissport

    Megaman X4 English cover - Makanai Ai Ga Kitto Aru (By Caroline Gordon) [Produced by mynameissport]

    Here's Caroline Gordon English cover of Makanai Ai Ga Kitto Aru taken from the Rockman X4 Japanese opening and produced by myself. View via the video below - Produced to celebrate 20 years of Megaman X4 / Rockman X4 that came out originally in 1997 and celebrate 30 years of Capcom's Megaman...
  4. mynameissport

    White Reflection English cover - Gundam Wing Endless Waltz (By roux and produced by mynameissport)

    Herewith my new personal produced English short cover of White Reflection sung by roux and done by yours truly to celebrate 20 years of New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Endless Waltz this year. Listen to it below... Premiered in Japan as a three-part OVA that was originally sung by TWO-MIX, it...
  5. Seripa

    Massive Manga Clearout

    Hi Having a massive clearout of my manga collection, Can post pictures on request however will simply list all that are available for now! In excellent condition unless stated otherwise. all items have price stated not including postage and obviously I will try and keep that as low as possible...
  6. mynameissport

    Eternal Wind English cover - Gundam F91 (Ft. Divinel / Milkychan)

    Herewith Divinel / Milkychan's English cover of Eternal Wind to celebrate 25 years of Gundam F91. Produced by myself (AJ) and Bree Page writing the English translyrics. This song was used at the end of F91 anime OVA film and liked it because of its bittersweet / sad nature but it is melodic...