Eternal Wind English cover - Gundam F91 (Ft. Divinel / Milkychan)


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Herewith Divinel / Milkychan's English cover of Eternal Wind to celebrate 25 years of Gundam F91. Produced by myself (AJ) and Bree Page writing the English translyrics.

This song was used at the end of F91 anime OVA film and liked it because of its bittersweet / sad nature but it is melodic and has a good set of lyrics. Could not find the original instrumental so ended up using the 2015 version instead and this is my first produced song that is a full length version not short length or TV size.

Additionally want to celebrate the anime OVA film that was released in 1991 and do something different as it has not been covered by other utiate singers.

Though had to cut the instrumental beginning section back to the 1991 length after extensive feedback from people asked to do so.

Be aware that divinel is German so despite she can use good command of English it is not her 1st language therefore take into consideration before you are going to comment on the vocals.

Additionally, this song had existing Japanese harmonies so had to rework the lyrics so they can fit whilst making sense in English.

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