White Reflection English cover - Gundam Wing Endless Waltz (By roux and produced by mynameissport)


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Herewith my new personal produced English short cover of White Reflection sung by roux and done by yours truly to celebrate 20 years of New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Endless Waltz this year.

Listen to it below...

Premiered in Japan as a three-part OVA that was originally sung by TWO-MIX, it was used at the ending theme during episodes 2 and 3. Did prefer this song over Last Impression so thought how about it would be great producing a short version English cover to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Endless Waltz in 2017.

Did have problems using the original off vocal instrumental so instead used the Super Robot Wars / Taisen Alpha / Alpha Gaiden instrumental and cut it down to try and match to the original short size version. So it is a mix of the original short version and the Alpha Gaiden karaoke short version into one.

Feedback and comments are appreciated. And you can follow me via the video to my Youtube profile or links on my profile or signature on here.


Vocals and audio mixing: roux - www.youtube.com/RurutiaDariya
Major English translyrics: Camille - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnO...xAtsMxz_XhxK0w
English lyrics alternations and changes: Bree Page - www.youtube.com/breep5 and Mero - www.youtube.com/MeroMeroSaharade
Producer, subtitles, other editing and all other production stuff: mynameissport (AJ) - www.youtube.com/mynameissport