Megaman X4 English cover - Makanai Ai Ga Kitto Aru (By Caroline Gordon) [Produced by mynameissport]


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Here's Caroline Gordon English cover of Makanai Ai Ga Kitto Aru taken from the Rockman X4 Japanese opening and produced by myself.

View via the video below -

Produced to celebrate 20 years of Megaman X4 / Rockman X4 that came out originally in 1997 and celebrate 30 years of Capcom's Megaman that originally came out in 1987.

Caroline Gordon looked after all the lyrics, mix and vocals whilst myself aka AJ focused on all of the production and Producer elements. This cover is the game opening length due to time constraints prevents doing the full song. As this had existing harmonies and could not get commission to do a custom instrumental, we had to play around with the lyrics so they can fit. Did have to take liberties with the mix and English lyrics but did try our best to make sure it did not deviate from the original meaning and sound the best that it can be.

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Vocals, English lyrics and mix: Caroline Gordon - Caroline Gordon
Graphic image fanart: aritemis - Aritemis on DeviantArt
Thumbnail image fanart: oldhat104 - Oldhat104 on DeviantArt
Producer, subtitles, basic video and image editing etc. – mynameissport (AJ) – mynameissport