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Blade Runner: Black Lotus [English Audio] Episodes 7-13 -
Well that was... underwhelming. In a way, it was already clear there wasn't going to be much development of the characters and that turned out to be the case. Outside of one episode that explained the backstory of one person in particular, not much is gained there and instead the show builds to toward to the conclusion of the main arc, filling in time with decent enough sword fights in between the pretty clear revelations and conclusion. I suppose it's fine, it tells its story in a serviceable (if completely expected) way, but definitely doesn't make an impact. 5/10

Black Rock Shooter [English Audio] Episode 1-8 -

An entertaining Melodrama that has uses said melodrama as a framing device for the other world and vice versa, the show also has really strong visuals during those other world segments. Went in knowing almost nothing and was pleasantly surprised. Also, overall a very solid dub from Sound Cadence/Discotek, very few complaints. 7/10

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall [English Audio] Episode 1 -

Since this has finally arrived on Disney+ outside of APAC, decided to watch the predecessor and then decided to watch this and... this is a departure, although it seems the property does deviate quite a bit depending on the adaptation/medium. Not the strongest first impression so far with some... questionable moments. Going in I also knew the Roundabout/Disney produced dub wasn't well received and so far its not very good. Definitely much worse than the BRS dub and has me concerned for Summertime Rendering.

May catch up and keep up with Dawn Fall for a bit at least, since for it's being rolled out weekly, for some reason.
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Yuru camp - season 1+2

Chainsaw man - eps 1-4

Spy x family - eps 13-17

Bocchi! The rock! - eps 1-4

Do it yourself! - eps 1-4

Akiba maid war - eps 1-4

The melancholy of haruhi suzumiya - eps 00-2
FuuKoi ep 4

SPY x FAMILY p2 e5
Arts and crafts.

Golden Kamuy s4 e5
Moving pictures.

Chainsaw Man ep 4
The battle was pretty decent, but the rest again was painful slow. I swear they must be doing a chapter per episode! (saw in a MAL post that they've already done the first volume, so the manga must be pretty slow too!)

Shinobi no Ittoki ep 5
End of term exam.

Encouragement of Climb: New Summit ep 5
Endurance training.
Do it Yourself!! episode 5 Secret hideout.

Mob Psycho 100 III episode 5 Nice shirt.

The Eminence in Shadow episode 5 Enjoy the show.

One Piece episodes 697-709
Do It Yourself!! Episode 5 Hideout.

Immoral Guild (Uncensored) Episode 5

Love Flops Episode 4 Hot-spring.

The Eminence in Shadow Episode 5 Showtime.

Reincarnated as a Sword Episode 6 Feint attack.
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S - Shorts,

"Miniature Dragon" Episodes 1-13
"Miniature Dragon SP" Episodes 1-3
"Miniature Dragon EX" Episodes 1-5
Bibliophile Princess episode 5 Books not for burning.

KanColle: Let’s Meet at Sea episode 1 Organisation.

One Piece episodes 710-723
Heavens Lost Property Final
Eternally My Master

Laughs but sad.
Return of Tomoki's Grandfather but there is not a robot built entirely from panties.