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Juni Taisen: Zodiac War ep6

Man, I've been willing them to kill off Monkey for weeks, but now that it's actually happened, my feelings on the matter are more mixed than expected

Overall I still think it's for the best though; the show's nihilistic outlook is a big part of what makes it interesting.


Eps 15-26 of Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (re-watch completed)...i shall re-watch the movie tomorrow.

Seriously Wolf Flakken isn't in this enough


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The Ancient Magus' Bride episode 6

Bleach (Rewatch) episodes 1-14 Finally watching my Blu Ray sets up to episode 63. Once I'm done I might do a mini review on the three available sets and post it here somewhere for those who are interested in upgrading.
So far the picture quality looks a fair bit better than the Viz DVDs, but the way the early parts of the series were animated leaves some scenes looking kind of blurry, especially outdoor scenes in the spirit realm. Thus even though the transfer of said scenes looks clearer and more detailed, it's still not perfect
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Ep 6 of The Ancient Magus' Bride...a nice slow, relaxing episode.
Ep 6 of Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond...can't believe we're already halfway through. Plus loved all the faces Steven pulled in this one :D



Hellsing Ultimate Vol IV
The bad guys finally make their full intentions known.
Last one from the Manga Force Collection.

Guide to the whether it's a 1st time watch or re-watch: (r) = Re-watch; (x) = First time; (w) = Watched in the last year; (?) = Honestly can't remember!; (na) = Not anime.

Afro Samurai Directors Cut (r)
Afro Samurai Resurrection (?)
Akira (w) Don't own the MF Collection version
Appleseed (r)
Armageddon (x)
Astroboy: Greatest Astro Adventures (x)
Baldr Force Exe (x)
Blood: The Last Vampire (r)
Black Blood Brothers (x)
Black Jack (x)
Bubblegum Crash (x)
Casshan: Robot Hunter (x)
Danté's Inferno (na)
Dead Leaves (x)
Dead Space: Downfall (na)
Ghost in the Shell (w)
GitS: Innocence (w)
GitS SAC: Laughing Man (x)
GitS SAC: Individual Eleven (x)
GitS SAC: Solid State Society (r)
Golgo 13: The Professional (r)
Heat Guy J (r)
Hellsing Ultimate Vols 1-4 (x)
Highlander: The Search for Vengeance (r)
Ichi (na)
Jyu-Oh-Sei (x)
Kai Doh Mar (r)
Karas: The Prophecy/Revelation (x)
Lupin the III: The Secret of Mamo (?)
Macross Plus (r)
Macross Plus the Movie (?)
Millennium Actress (r)
Naruto the Movie: 1 & 2 (x)
Negima!? Spring & Summer OVAs (x)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Death & Rebirth (r)
NGE End of Evangelion (r)
Ninja Scroll (r)
Noein: To Your Other Self (x)
Orguss 2 (x)
Origin: Spirits of the Past (r)
Otogi Zoshi (r)
Perfect Blue (w)
Psychic Wars (x)
Read or Die (r)
She: The Ultimate Weapon (r)
Shigurui (x)
Space Adventure Cobra (x)
Strait Jacket (x)
Street Fighter: Alpha (x)
Street Fighter: Alpha Generations (x)
Street Fighter: II (x)
Submarine 707 Revolution (x)
Sword for Truth (x)
Tactics (x)
Tokko (?)
Tokyo Underground (r)
Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Overfiend (r)
Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Demon Womb (r)
Vampire Wars (x)
Virus: Virus Buster Serge (x)
X (x)

Kokoro Connect eps 5-7
This show's an emotional roller-coaster.


Dandy Guy, in Space
Well, this weekend I watched Kiniro Mosaic and Testament of Sister New Devil .

So one Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, and one Cute Girls Doing Lewd Things.

As you can imagine, there was quite the contrast.


The Wind Rises
A good film about the passion of a man persuing his dream interrupted by a romance based on someone elses life (it would make a good film of its own The Wind Has Risen - Wikipedia).

I would have liked some date stamps to work out where we were within his life and although some characters talk about how bad war is/was I would have liked more of Jiros (the real one) thoughts on it from his diary: "We were convinced that surely our government had in mind some diplomatic measures which would bring the conflict to a halt before the situation became catastrophic for Japan. But now, bereft of any strong government move to seek a diplomatic way out, we are being driven to doom. Japan is being destroyed. I cannot do [anything] other but to blame the military hierarchy and the blind politicians in power for dragging Japan into this hellish cauldron of defeat."

The animation was, of course, really good.
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You're Under Arrest: Full Throttle 1-5

In which multinational corporations function like hereditary monarchies, Saori is put on the Tōkairin bus, Natsumi takes fashion tips from Melissa Mao and the art of taiyaki making and the excretory functions of snakes are explained. And then there's THIS:

Well, shows what I know because apparently drifting a FWD car is possible, sort of (though that Civic has an extra 1000cc's on the Today which I suspect would just quickly grind to a halt) but it is also a bit friggin' pointless

Putting suspension of drift-belief aside, this season feels a lot more modern, for good or ill. The production values have clearly gone up and we get some really nice animation (it also seems very well directed) but from the progression and change of Season 2 it seems to have all gone a bit business as usual. What happened to Natsumi's new job? What happened to Ken and Miyuki's slightly more developed and formalised relationship? Who knows? Who cares? They're just going to be glossed over for the sake of returning to the status quo, it looks like.

I was a little surprised at the decision to immediately write out Saori after they spent a season integrating her into the main cast (pretty well, I might add) but this does appear to have resulted in more Aoi and Yoriko time, which is a trade I'll take. The comedy and the fanservice seem more obviously played-up here than they were, though this is probably just a reflection of the times - A full six years had gone by since Season 2 when Full Throttle started airing (and just over ten since the TV show began) so tastes and styles are naturally going to change.

And perhaps it was the right decision to go back to basics - The core cast are front and centre again and after the two-part rather Hollywood action style opener (I have to wonder if the writers had a Sonoda moment and visited the US) we seem to be settling once again into episodic cases by turns comedic and dramatic. That perhaps isn't the most satisfying for those who, like me, were looking forward to more development and building on the plot threads and relationships of the previous season but I'll be damned if it isn't bloody entertaining. Only time will tell if these threads get picked up again - Balancing the wants and expectations of fans of the earlier seasons with trying to make the show accessible to new fans after such a lengthy gap can't have been easy, and I can't say I'm really disappointed since the show is still so much fun and is looking better than it has since the OVAs.

One more thing - The music. I've enjoyed the YUA themes up until now, but I'm finding FF's themes pretty underwhelming. I also kinda miss the familiar music cues which were used throughout seasons 1 & 2, though I can understand them being retired after so long.
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Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond episode 6

Bleach (Rewatch)
episodes 15-32, 34-41 (33 is low-tier filler so I skipped it)


Totally agree. May I recommend Viz media's excellent artbook of The Wind Rises for that very purpose? :)
Looks nice, but I did some of my own research as I was bored at work.

  • Jiro Horikoshi was born on 22nd June 1903
  • The first scenes of the film takes place in 1918 as seen by the magazine he is given. Making him roughly 15, character model seems a bit short seeing he seems quite tall just 5 years later.
  • The next event is the Great Kantō Earthquake on the 1st of September 1923.
  • So the next scenes at university and with his sisters visit. He tells her he last saw Nahoko "over 2 years" ago so would probably be winter 1925.
  • Next, when he moves to Nagoya, I thought it was the Great Depression (1929-31), but when I found out the date of the plane in the next scenes, I had to go find a different date. Turns out to be the Shōwa Financial Crisis of early 1927.
  • The plane in the next scene is the Mitsubishi 1MF9 which had trial flights in July and September 1927.
  • Next he travels to Germany to visit Junkers. They see the G.38 which first flew in 1929. The scene with the "secret police" (dub version) or men they saw in the hanger (sub) could also be 1929, a mob of antisemitic men chasing a Jew? The Great Depression saw a rise in violence against the Jews, but the law "was fair" until the Nazis got into power in 1933. History of Jews in Germany
  • The next plane was the Mitsubishi_1MF10 which had its maiden flight in March 1933.
  • Next Jiro visits the Hotel Kusakaru after the plane crashes. There were 2 incidents July '33 and June' 34. It's probably '33 as it would be too short a time before the next test and Castorp mentions Junkers being in trouble. He resisted the Nazis taking control of his company at first after they took over in 1933.
  • However in the scene where Jiro gets a telegram there is a date stamp which looks like 9.7.13. If the 9 is correct (it's cut in half by the bottom of the screen) it would, possibly, be the 9th year of the Shōwa Period with 1926 being year 1. So the date would be 13/7/1934.
  • The next plane, the Mitsubishi_A5M, was commissioned in 1934.
  • They probably marry in winter 1934/35.
  • The test flight of the Mitsubishi_A5M with its original gull wing design took place on the 5th of February 1935. The design was changed after this to a straighter version.
  • So they were married for no more than 2 months at the most :-(
  • The next scene is 1945, obviously at the end of the war, where we see the Mitsubishi_A6M Zero in his final vision with Caproni.
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Space Dandy [Season 2] (Japanese audio) - Episodes 1-3

I managed to watch the series without the lights issue crashing the console (then it crashed after I stopped watching to sort out an AUKN article about an hour later).
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Combat Butler
A Sister's All You Need episode 3

Gundam Reconguista in G episodes 1-4

Juni Taisen: Zodiac War episode 4

Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series episode 3

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 episode 1

The Ancient Magus' Bride episode 2


Death Scythe
Invincible Superman Zambot 3 - Episodes 4 - 7

Panda! Go, Panda! & Rainy Day Circus

A re-watch ahead of a review on the podcast.


Hellsing Ultimate Vol V
What the hell was that at the start? And the bad guys destroy London a bit too easily, surely it's the Hellsing company's job to stop Millennium before they do any damage. A bit pointless after everyone is dead!

Kokoro Connect eps 8-10
I knew Inaba liked Taichi, but for a moment there I thought they might pull a switch-a-roo and make her confess to Iori. Especially after the line that she wasn't interested in him at first.