Wildcards: The Guys

Who would you like to be a wildcard?

  • Sousuke (Full Metal Panic)

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  • Tetsuo (Akira)

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  • Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin)

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  • Ed (Fullmetal Alchemist)

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  • Tenchi (Tenchi)

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  • Kiba (Wolf's Rain)

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  • Jubei (Ninja Scroll)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Goku (Dragonball Z)

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  • Naota (FLCL)

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  • Char (Mobile Suit Gundam/Zeta Gundam/Char's Counterattack)

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Since so many characters didn't make it into the first round, here's a wonderful idea of Paul's. These ten characters can be voted for all week, and the winner and runner up will be released to compete in the main tournament.

Once again, we've tried to make the selections as varied as possible. Happy voting, and please please please comment on your choice! The only rule is comment on who you vote, so I can see the Goku fans to hunt down after the poll has finished. :p

I gave my vote to Char of Gundam fame. He's certainly one of the most influential characters in the franchise, spawning clones everuwhere, and his various roles in the series he features in are all fantastic.
Char? OMG why no Amuro!!!!1111

/Jk ^^

/me huggles (entirely fictional) Char plushie: "Casvali Nee-Saaaannn!!!".

... so do I pass the Sayla Mass audition?
I felt compelled to vote for Char, I may know little of the character - well apart from what he looks like, but I felt this lil tournament is in dire need of a Gundam character, whilst I would have preferred Loran or Athrun, Char will have to do. ;)
kupoartist said:
Char? OMG why no Amuro!!!!1111

Paranoia Agent said:
this lil tournament is in dire need of a Gundam character, whilst I would have preferred Loran or Athrun, Char will have to do.

Perhaps when this is finished we will have to make a Gundam tournament! :D I think Char was a good choice as a Gundam character, since as well as appearing an argubly the greatest Gundam series, he influenced the franchise like no other, spawning blond, masked clones around the cosmos.
i vote tetsuo as i liked his character in Akira, i did think about voting for Goku or tenchi...as i did like both...but tetsuo wins on my accord
By virtue of the unforgetable Trust & Betrayal OVAs, I voted for Kenshin though I was also tempted to go for Char ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out, I suspect the two who qualify from this vote will go on to do well in the proper battle.
I had to go for Tenchi, he would make a good wildcard being 'a bit of a loser' as Chibi Yosho puts it, but he also has some power packed away there, and he's a nice guy
I went with Jubei due to the fact that he is a really cool and myserious character in the Ninja Scroll movie, (haven't seen the series). If I had'nt voted for him it would have probably been Ed.
Ryo Chan said:
going to have to be tenchi

he's my fav anime char

Thought you'd pick him! :D

Looking through the list, none of them catch my eye. So I'm going to pick randomly.. ended up being Kiba. Haven't seen the anime but I shall vote for him anyway!
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