Wildcards Part 2 - The Guys - Extra Time

Who would you like to be a wildcard?

  • Char (Gundam/Zeta Gundam/Char's Counterattack)

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  • Sousuke (Full Metal Panic)

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  • Goku (Dragonball Z)

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  • Tetsuo (Akira)

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  • Tenchi (Tenchi)

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  • Total voters
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Five have fallen, but five wildcards still remain in the male section of the tournament. Due to the five-way tie, it's time for another battle to determine who will make it to the next round! The two highest voted characters will go through as wildcards.

And, to top it all off, as extra time you've only got two days to vote! So vote now! (and remember to leave a comment)


Stand User
I admitedly haven't seen Char before and that gives him the advantage here as I dislike the rest of the characters. He gets my vote :p .


School Idol
Char, I can't remember quite which reason I gave last time around, so I'll just say it's all down to that stylin' head gear. ;)


Magical Girl
Tetsuooooo! *KABOOM* Kanedaaaaaaaa! *BLAMMO* Tetsuooooooo!

You gotta love it! Tetsuo's the man, despite being crazy in the head and stuff...
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