What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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When I came back from a long vacation, it was waiting for me at home:

RS sales and some new titles from UK:



And from Poland (fond for a very great prices, because distributor of these stop distributing anime on disc):

  • Chūnibyō demo koi ga shitai! with BD / DVD a piece of film tape, postcards and a cup mat
  • Tekkonkinkreet is UK edition with PL subs
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My brother just recently got idea from somewhere to get MTG cards and we played a bit last weekend (though we got lot of the rules wrong) and he and me both got exited about the game so i bought smaller and bigger package with mostly preset cards. Got maybe bit too exited because i have another package filled with cards coming up.

Other thing i got was "fitness watch". I don't have huawei phone but this one has built in GPS and should require app to get all the basic features.

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